Present Perfect Opening Concert

  • Present Perfect Festival, dedicated to electronic music and contemporary media arts, is held in stunning St. Petersburg. This year the festival expands its territory to the 3 foremost city platforms, together with the traditional 20 hours rave at the Street Art Museum on Saturday, 29th July. The location of the big opening concert on 28th of July is unique Artplay Design Center. This year the line up for this event deserves particular attention. The stage will be shared upon such masterminds as: Actress  –  the sound producer from London, the pioneers of the industrial sound from Sheffield –  Clock DVA and a cherry on top - the performance of Dopplereffekt, one of the grounding collective of electro. The last two performances will be accompanied by visual artists. The stage will be opened with a live act by the local virtuoso Flaty. In addition to the main program of the festival, there will be held educational lectures with the representatives of the electronic music from Europe and Russia. The festival will be started with a line of pre partys, and closed with a special Sunday treat. As a rule, the line up of the Present Perfect Festival consists of minimum 40 musicians from all over the world, varying from the very experienced to the promising beginners. The tickets are available here:  The parallel events program will be announced soon.
  • Present Perfect Opening Concert - Flyer front