Oscillate Extended

  • Oscillate returns for another extended session, this time with DJ Fett Burger, DJ Sports and Patrick Russell.
  • Check out the Sunday Garden Session: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/986426 We’ll be celebrating the 10th edition of Oscillate with our second weekender of the Summer. This time we’re inviting a host of our current favourite artists of dance music scenes from around the world. With the Regelbau crew from Aarhus, Freakout Cult all-stars Fett Burger and Jayda G (welcome back!), Norwegian rising star Charlotte Bendiks, Aphex Twin’s latest Australian crush Fantastic Man, Detroit’s unveiled hero Patrick Russell and a live set from California’s king of lush, euphoric acid: Tin Man. Cashmere Radio will be hosting and live streaming scintillating sounds from the tent all night long with established show hosts Gigsta and MUK. And as always, our brilliant, beloved residents; Lola Luc, Rachel Lyn, Parasol and Kate Miller will unite the line up into a cohesive flow from floor to floor and night to day. Fruit and oscilloscopes will be provided, hot food will be available from the gorgeous Funga Hunger crew and remember kids, consent is sexy :) See you on the dance floor.
  • Oscillate Extended - Flyer front