Cashmere Radio - 2 Year Birthday Fundraising Party

  • Celebrating two years of community and experimental broadcasting 0% Polyester, 100% Cashmere: Cashmere Radio DJs all day and all night. 2 stages, audiophile sound provided by System.out Sound €2 donation before 16:00, €5 after DANCE STAGE 14.00 Dance Stage: Coco Maria & RADIO HOBO 15.30 Dance Stage: John Loveless, Cranial Handles & Room 4 Resistance 17.30 Dance Stage: THALAMUS presents: SATŒNA + ALOBHE 18.00 Dance Stage: Applied Arts, Leihhaus & Past Forward 21.00 Dance Stage: Ranting&Raving, Enchanted Rhythms and Klon Dump 23.00 Dance Stage: Macy Conference (STRFLD Simulation), CA$HMERE (Wenzel Dashington, Carlos Steurer) 00.30 Dance Stage: Sasha Cachaça & The Painted Son SUN STAGE 14.00 Sun Stage: Minnewunder, Ringo Libak & Tristan 'Dreamboat' Simpson 15.30 Sun Stage: Hi Point Low Life, Human as Possible & Matty Martinez 17.00 Sun Stage: Gigsta & Nagababa Muk 18.30 Sun Stage: Chronopolis (Jacob Eriksen, Lukas Grundmann) & What is an Outline? (Hydro Majestic) 20.00 Sun Stage: Fantasy Fiction Records, Dub Disco, Prongof108 & Carl Luis ——— Two years ago, a few friends with an oversized living room and not the faintest clue of how to run a radio station decided to broadcast a couple of fortnightly shows from the East Berlin suburb of Lichtenberg. Fast-forward to today, and Cashmere Radio has built a vibrant and dynamic community of radio makers, producers and DJs from around the world. It now hosts over fifty regular music and talk shows, spanning the domains of music (from blues to techno), poetry and refugee politics; has partnered with major events like Superbooth; and has hosted long-form radiophonic interventions, installations and commissions that aim to question the form and performativity of contemporary radio. Cashmere may not be any closer to understanding how to run a “proper” radio station, but has developed into a locus for an immensely special and diverse community—one that generates its power from the collectivity itself. And for our 2 YEAR BIRTHDAY we want to celebrate it. That’s why on June 24 we are throwing a twelve-hour, 100% Cashmere takeover at Klunkerkranich. All our regular DJs will be on hand soundtracking your afternoon and evening on the rooftop across TWO stages with perfect audiophilic sound thanks to System.out Sound. It’s the perfect chance for everybody who has visited, listened to or been part of Cashmere to get together and help take this DIY project to the next level. For those who don’t know us: come by, say hello and join us for the next phase of the radio’s life.
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