Aphotic presents: Cassegrain, Uun, Spin D

  • Cassegrain - https://soundcloud.com/cassegrain Cassegrain are joining us once again after an unforgettable appearance last May with 7-hour performance that was one for the history books! Their masterful dj set was a buffet to the ears spanning decades of impeccably mixed dance floor pleasers. This time around we have the pleasure of coinciding the event with the release of ARCS-04, their fourth effort in the last year on their label Arcing Seas. The duo is proving they are not ones to shy away from pushing boundaries by showcasing the varied soundscapes the techno genre has to offer. From in your face feet stompers, to brooding subdued slow burners, their vision for Arcing Seas is one of longevity. With releases on high regarded labels such as Prologue, Infrastructure New York, Ostgut Ton, M_Rec, and Killekill, Cassegrain have amassed a deep catalog of choice productions. Be it live or dj, their ear for meticulous sound exploration is on full display resulting in a sonic treat for the audience. We can’t wait to have at it again! --------------------------------------- Uun- https://soundcloud.com/uun Uun has releases on many labels including 100% Pure and Dynamic Reflection as well as his own imprint Ego Death, which is a platform for the music created for and from his live PA sessions. The imprint is relatively young yet has already been reviewed in Mixmag and Fazemag, and has received support and play from names such as Paula Temple, Par Grindvik, Bas Mooy, The Advent, Etapp Kyle, Perc, 2000 and One, Rebekah, Truncate, Developer, Drumcell, Alex Bau, and many more artists in the world of techno. Currently his primary form of performance is a live set consisting of all original material. These performances take his previous skills as a DJ / multi-instrumentalist and blends them with his love of sound design and production all while maintaining an attention to the dance floor. We had the pleasure of catching his performance at the Stroboscopic Artefacts Showcase in Detroit for Movement weekend and we could not resist the urge to bring him out to NY once again for a rare outing. If you were there then you know. For those that were not, don’t do yourself the disservice! --------------------------------------- Spin D (official) - https://soundcloud.com/spin-d Fiona Walsh aka Spin D has been active in the New York techno scene for the last 8 years and has remained one of the strongest supporters of the current renaissance taking place in the Brooklyn underground. With Clubbersguidenewyork.com Fiona has developed a platform for up and coming artists to showcase their latest mix and productions along side international talent. Her ear to the street has refined her tasteful selections that translate her boundless energy on the dance floor. We are honored to have Spin D be a part of the Aphotic family from day 1 and look forward to have her rip open the night on this occasion! Cassegrain [ Arcing Seas / Infrastructure New York] Uun [Ego Death] Spin D (official) [CGNY / Aphotic] July 1st Midnight Sunnyvale 1031 Grand St, Brooklyn
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