Bay Sine presents: K Man x Cessman and More

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    - Room 1 - K Man [Deep Medi] Cessman [Dubliminal] Darsh [Bay Sine. 140 Ninja] DHRA B2B Staley [Parameter] Muse [A.Muse Audio. Subtle.FM] - Room 2 - Bay Sine Residents Motch Soulis Sezie
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  • K Man (DEEP MEDi, Circle Vision, MindStep, Sub Freq) London-based' K Man The Phantom' is a true staple in the underground realm. With his roots planted in the Grime movement around 2004, K Man has vast musical influences that inspire his sound, but Dubstep is his true calling. K Man’s point of focus is to create as much music which expresses his feelings and also the state of mind he is in during his day to day life. Ultimately his sound stems from a conundrum of genres like Reggae, Dub, Grime, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and Experimental, as well as being influenced by movies, documentaries and television. Cessman (Dubliminal) Standing at the forefront of Dubliminal Records, London-based Cessman is a true force to be reckoned with. Starting out as a young saxophonist, he has matured musically and spiritually from the guidance of his father and mother. Jazz and dub is the major force of his sound, but he insists that music in an evolutionary form is his goal. Found of independent, multi - cultural, organic record label with roots throughout the UK & Worldwide, Dubliminal is a baking house of home grown music and Cessman is to the front -line of the movement. His influence on undergrdound culture is undenaible and it's an honor to host such a don to co-headline along with K Man! Darsh (Bay Sine Recordings, 140 Ninja) DHRA B2B Staley (Parameter SF) Muse [BIRTHDAY SET] (A.Muse Audio. Subtle FM) - Room 2 - Bay Sine Residents Motch Soulis Seize
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