The Cityfox Experience: Tale Of Us, Recondite, Stephan Bodzin & More

  • We are releasing a limited number of public tickets tomorrow, June 27 at 11am EST. You may purchase up to 2 tickets. We will be checking ID's to match with tickets at entry to prevent fraudulent transfer of tickets. If you purchase a ticket secondhand, have a photo of the original purchaser's ID. We are also continuing Visionnaire outreach to past attendees and friends, check inbox for the account you've used to purchase tickets in the past (including "other" and spam folders) for an invitation. We are also reviewing messages and notes posted in the event. Visionnaire members may purchase up to 2 discount tickets and recommend a new member, among other benefits as the App evolves. Please note that eventually, tickets to Cityfox events will be available almost exclusively to members. Thanks. *** On Saturday July 1, The Brooklyn Mirage opens with a lineup to kick off the summer season with a bang. This event is also the launch of a new Mobile App based concept, Collective Visionnaire. Visionnaire is a collective of individuals with a shared passion for music, art and culture, and a shared sensibility when enjoying it. Its purpose is simple: to foster an atmosphere and vibe that is all about the music and respecting fellow fans. Membership grants access and discount tickets to this event, future events, and the Visionnaire community. To join, you will need an invitation with unique membership code. We distributed and sent many, but are continuing outreach via physical invitations through the music community and via email invitations to regular Cityfox attendees and friends - check your inbox! Once you join, you may purchase two $40 tickets and recommend one other person for membership. It's good to be back, and we'll see you on the floor! 21+
  • The Cityfox Experience: Tale Of Us, Recondite, Stephan Bodzin & More - Flyer front