Sagra Elettronica

  • Lee Gamble and Ancient Methods headline this 11-hour music, art and food event at Masseria Ospitale, a beautiful old farm on the outskirts of Lecce.
  • Sagra is a typical Southern Italian event format referring to particular, popular food events into which a single ingredient is the main protagonist of it - being the only dish of the event itself. After three years promoting intense techno events, for its fourth summer season, Knick Knack now presents a new format, Sagra Elettronica, with the aim to let the audience understand the aesthetical, cultural and social value of electronic music, and increase the listening/dancing experience. Starting in late afternoon and continuing for over ten hours, the event provides wide, contaminated electronic and electroacoustic music - over ten hours of live and dj sets - as well as vegan, vegetarian and carnivore street food, non conventional art installations, a vintage market and a independent label market, held by the best local labels. The musical focus is on instrumental live performances or DJ sets by both local and international artists. The maestro Lee Gamble, among the most eclectic personas of today's European scene, always innovating and playing abstract sounds, avant compositions, jungle, classical music and non-standard dance music; the Berliner Ancient Methods, pure incarnation of black industrial music contaminated with funk elements; Valerio Cosi, instrumentalist and saxophonist influenced by multiple styles like electronic, jazz, African music and krautrock; male/female duo Underspreche, proposing a combination of house/techno tracks and opera music, their performance unite club rhythms with vocal lyric interventions, irregular structures and electronic environments; Max Nocco, old-school drummer, DJ and vinyl collector, the most musically-complete person in Apulia; the Italian duo Corridoiokraut specializing in kraut, glitch and field recordings.
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