ReSolute Goes LA with Praslesh (Raresh + Praslea), Lauren Ritter, Maksim & Clovis

  • Masterful Romanian minimalism courtesy of one of NYC's finest parties.
  • RSVP for location: [email protected] -- Raresh began his journey with ReSolute in 2013 in a sweltering underground car park in Manhattan that morphed into an all-weekend marathon in Brooklyn, and its fair to say that both ReSolute and New York have never been the same since. Since then our family has grown to include many members of the SUNRISE and [a:rpia:r] crew like Piticu, Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo, Cap, Barac, and of course Praslea, with their elegant, long format sets pushing the boundaries of what an after hours can look like. Raresh & Praslea, together as Praslesh, have been part of many of those unforgettable moments for us, like the time two years ago when they played an epic 13 hour set in one of our favorite Brooklyn warehouses. The combination of their sounds brings something unique to the (turn)tables, melodic and emotive yet driving and precise. We've previously brought them to Chicago & Miami, and now we're thrilled for them to share their music with you in LA. Joining the two maestros are members of the ReSolute crew, Lauren Ritter and Maksim, and LA's own Clovis. We're teaming up with two forces in LA's underground to make this happen - Cyclone joining as co-producers, and Dialogue as co-promoters.
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  • ReSolute Goes LA with Praslesh (Raresh + Praslea), Lauren Ritter, Maksim & Clovis - Flyer front