Toronto Goes Techno 2

  • The message that brings us together is Techno. Pride friendly 🌈 ----------------------------------------------- DJs: MARIVS (ROM) - Hailing from Romania as an underground techno DJ and producer of about 20 years, Marivs is a music connoisseur who has his party sights set high above the status quo. He first became dazzled by electronic music in the early 90s and landed a residency at Athos Club, Romania. He has since relocated to Toronto where he continues to not only DJ but also produce his own sound waves in a very unique style: textured, potent and meaningful. --- ZUZANA GRIMM (CA) - Zuzana has been spinning since 98' and has accompanied the likes of: Mike Shannon, Algorithm, Jacob Fairley, Jeremy Caufield, Mathew Jonson, Matthew Herbert, ric Y martin, Monolake, Octave One, Recloose and John Tejada, Tiga, Dan Bell, Speedy J. Having played in various cities in Canada, Malta, Cape Town, Austria and Slovakia, Zuzana also spent a few years in beautiful Barcelona where she landed multiple residencies. --- STARK RAVING SAVAGE (CA) Stark Raving Savage is an up and coming techno DJ duo from Toronto consisting of Colin Stark and Aaron Savage. They are influenced by music coming out of Detroit, Berlin, and Ibiza, amongst many others. Formed in 2015, they have headlined parties at local clubs such as Toika (now Populus), Club 120, and Li’ly Lounge. --
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