[cancelled] Bare Essentials Vivid Closing

  • Due to our first event selling out in less than 2 weeks, we have again secured Cruise Bar for the closing night of Vivid. New and improved light show, new lineup, same vibe. We’re expecting another sellout so don’t wait. Situated at the heart of Vivid Sydney, the open-air rooftop of Cruise Bar, Circular Quay provides a 360-degree view of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the inimitable Sydney skyline. All awash with the Vivid lights. Bare Essentials will supply the soundtrack to this stunning expression of illumination. A familiar landscape bewitched by a luminescent spell. In a time of increasing divisiveness, Bare Essentials offers a fluid departure into altered perception. Just like the liquid kaleidoscope spilling over Sydney landmarks, allow the rigidities of your own mind to overflow into a sea of new perspectives. Step outside your biases, your prejudices, the everyday. Turn the lens and adopt a different perspective – if only for one night. Bare Essentials.
  • [cancelled] Bare Essentials Vivid Closing - Flyer front