The Potential

  • Venue
    • Köpenickerstrasse 70; Mitte; 10179 Berlin; Germany
  • Date
    10 Jun 2017
    Sat 14:00 - Sun 12:00
  • Attending
    • 30
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    The Potential Subcultural exchange for urban development 09 - 10 June 2017 “By building bridges to other cities their true potential develops” „Instead of nurturing and growing plants and food to sustain a community, we are growing culture. This is also a sort of food: A food for brains and imagination, which in my Opinion, is vitally important for the growth and development of the city and the neighborhood.“ – Steve Hughes JUNE 09 // 7 – 9 pm __PANEL @ Globus & Tresor How Can Art Influence the Discourse around Political Changes? moderator: Katja Kullmann speaker: Mike Banks, Natascha T. Miller / Adrian Tonon / Danielle de Picciotto JUNE 09 + 10 // midnight __The Potential Klubnacht @ Tresor Line Up: UR presents DEPTH CHARGE (Mike Banks & Mark Flash) - LIVE Blake Baxter DJ Skurge Mike Huckaby Scott Grooves DJ T-1000 aka Alan Oldham Basic Soul Unit - LIVE Madalba Sky Deep Barbara Preisinger Mareena Magda El Bayoumi Dinamite more tba JUNE 09 + 10 // 2pm - 6pm __WORKSHOPS @ +4BAR Music production workshops on MASCHINE presented by Native Instruments. Host: Mike Huckaby JUNE 09 // 9:30 pm __BE-TROIT Album Showcase @ Globus Jamall Bufford Asya Ziyad Mike Reyes Natasha Miller K'won Demacio Veniece Session VibeSounds
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  • JUNE 10 // 5 pm __BERLIN SOUP @ Holzmarkt Democratic experiment in micro-funding From 9 – 10 June 2017 the continuation of the event series Detroit-Berlin-Connection will take place under the name THE POTENTIAL. As in the past few years, the three-day symposium is dedicated to the creative exchange between Detroit and Berlin. The series is connected with the conference in Detroit (MOCAD 2014, 2015) as well as with the 2015 visitors to the Detroit delegation in Berlin. Under the aspect “Learning from Detroit / Learning from Berlin”, the task is to promote subcultural exchange for urban development. The magical ingredients for a successful debate have thus been found. This year comprises of the Panels program, the presentation of a Hip Hop project (Be-Troit), various live performances, a Detroit Techno club night, workshops for prospective music producers and a public neighborhood meeting (Berlin Soup / Detroit Soup). Tresor/Globus will serve as the main venues. The title “The Potential” evolved from diverse conversations between Mike Banks (UR, Detroit) and Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor, Berlin), in which the topic was perspectives and ideas concerning city development. In comparing both cities many parallels were recognized, as well as formats that could be transported overnight from one city to the other. Added future cultural dialogue with other cities will strengthen these creative potentials, not only in terms of music but also will take social, ecological and political aspects into consideration. The next station is the unofficial May 2017 The Potential conference in central Detroit, where Detroit- Berlin Connection delegates meet with politicians, artists and industrial representatives to find unconventional solutions for central tasks. On Friday, 09 June starting at 6pm, an open panel of representatives from the music label Underground Resistance will meet with politicians and artists from Detroit and Berlin in Tresor Berlin, to discuss the questions of how art and culture can influence political change. Directly following this, the association for street social work Gangway g.e.V., directed by Olad Aden, will introduce the Hip Hop project Be-Troit. Former incarcerated youths met American and German female artists and together produced an album that will be presented. On Friday 09 and Saturday 10 June at midnight, a Tresor Klubnacht will present the Techno span through Detroit Djs and Berlin artists will complete the program. On Friday 09 and Saturday 10 June, Detroit artist Mike Huckaby presents Music Production Workshops as know-how transfer for young upcoming music producers. At 6pm on Saturday 10 June at Holzmarkt, the second edition of the neighborhood project Berlin Soup will take place. The idea for this comes from Detroit. Persons can submit their projects for city development and procure micro-funding from which the total revenue is generated from participant donations. The goal is to support community-based development through creativity and collaboration. More info: More information about all the program points will soon be published on Oracle Mono Font by
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