• ******************************************************************************* ONLINE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT THERE WILL BE TICKETS ON THE DOOR / ABENDKASSE ******************************************************************************* In the not too distant future, the World as we know it has been almost totally destroyed. Decimated spiritually and physically. Society has crumbled and the future of the human spirit is a flame dwindling ever nearer to being extinguished. Whilst this chaos and oppression reigns, an authoritarian, violent organization named The Heads have taken power by force and rule over all forms of expression. Love, sexuality, music, art, fun, freedom of thought, speech and expression are all banned under the tyrannical regime of The Heads. But the human spirit cannot be tamed everywhere… In dystopian NeoBerlin, an underground gang of brave freaks and libertines are fighting back and plotting a revolution. In their secret bunker districts, the KBB embrace obscenity, absurdity and the most human of desires and expressions. Join us in the last bastion of human freedom! Join the KBB and join the resistance! THE PLEASURE DISTRICT The main district of NeoBerlin – A joyride of gratifications and delectations. Where the neon lights and the eyes shine. Watch the pleasure Girlz and Boyz and Girlboyz relish in revelry like it’s their last chance. THE PAIN DISTRICT Hidden deep below in the under belly of the bunker is the military hospital of the KBB, nurses and medics will tend to the wounds of the resistance fighters, but their practises aren't for the faint hearted... THE FAITH DISTRICT Among the ruins of the previous world order, a faction of the resistance have splintered further from the rest and formed a strange new NeoPagan religious sect. You will notice them as your pass through their distract by their unusual ways, dress and symbols. Perhaps they will invite you to join in one of their ceremonies… THE MUTANT MERMAID POOL The radiation fall out has left a wake terrible mutations and deformities. Some have even been out casted and hide away near the radioactive pools. Those who dwell here have been transformed from beautiful sirens into decaying banshees, though they still beckon you to come for a swim. FIND YOUR TRIBE AT APOKALIPSTICK. DRESS CODE Post-Apocalypse / Dystopian / Military / Fetish / Creative
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