Birgit's Freak Show - Open Air & Indoor / Day 1

  • The first definition that google is able to find for a "freak show" is "an unusual or grotesque event viewed for pleasure, especially when in bad taste". Now, Birgit has never considered herself to be having a bad taste, and her occasional fashion statements on her events supports this notion. However, there's a dark side to Birgit that only few really know. Some of you have already witnessed it on Birgit's Bondage party towards the end of last year: a strange fascination and a (un)healthy curiosity for the mysterious bridge that stretches between pleasure and pain. On Birgit's Freak Show, we invite you to take a walk on that bridge, however, on your own risk: underneath, a great valley is waiting, covered with mist and dark fogs. Close your eyes, listen to the music, and don't ever look down. Freak Show from a range of Berlin's top stage performers. Music from (weekend program): Robosonic Douglas Greed Beatamines (Live) Leon Licht Jonty Skrufff Moog Conspiracy Gunnar Stiller Techno Frühstück Noah Pred dotSTRIPE Patryk Molinari Derek M. Dennis Beutler Coco Berlin Cesko Nicorus Tom Nowa Andi De Luxe mondee
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  • Birgit's Freak Show - Open Air & Indoor / Day 1 - Flyer front
    Birgit's Freak Show - Open Air & Indoor / Day 1 - Flyer back