Free to Move

  • Venue
    Rye Wax
    • Bussey Building/CLF Art Cafe Basement, 133 rye lane, London, SE15 4ST
  • Date
    Thu, 11 May 2017
    20:00 - 02:00
  • Promoter
    free to move
  • Attending
    • 2
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    D. Futers - (Natural Sciences/ 777) - Pleasant Boys (Body Motion/ NTS Radio) Chekov (On Rotation) Harry Murdoch w/ Hortense (Radar Radio/ Cherche Encore) Awkward Moments Live - Mimi Xu & Gillian McGuire An evening of music. Looking at another take on UK nightlife culture, in an attempt to make people connect through music. Refugees are welcomed for free. No harassment. Make sure that everyone has enough space, free to move. Delicious fresh fruit on offer for free. No discrimination, treat everyone with the same levels of respect. All proceeds go towards Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers £5 minimum donation.
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  • What is it? The name, an abbreviation of the highly contested and in demand human right, “Freedom of Movement’, aims to reposition the political into nightlife culture, with the original spirit of unity and togetherness. The nightclub originally provided a platform for marginalised groups to come together and have a good dance, and it is still today, one of the few public spaces where tastes are developed and ideas are exchanged and people come together for love of music. It will be a music performance and listening space where people are welcomed to play music that means something to them, to a community, from around the world, to contribute in anyway possible , experimentation is completely welcomed. I feel that UK nightlife culture can be pretty overwhelming, yet music really has the ability make people connect. I also feel like it has the power to reinforce cultural identity in a world currently filled with lots of prejudice. Having a space where new ideas can be bought together and shared with others is essential. Why? By inviting and welcoming refugees to the event with the primary focus being on listening and dancing to music , it bridges a gap between many of the fundraising events that are out there, and the more ‘integration’ based support centers, whilst also being exciting for everyone involved. Moving to London is overwhelming enough, let alone having to leave your country due to war. This event will aim to tackle a post-Brexit Britain, where the current government are bent on bringing border controls into every corner of our lives, welcoming people who have arrived in London, feel the increasing tensions, discrimination or alienation as a result of divided communities to have a good time and dance. I know it’s a subject matter that is open to a lot of criticisms, yet I feel if it is handled in the correct way,' founded with the groundwork of being a safe space, it could provide a beautiful platform for fruitful integration between groups, that would otherwise rarely get the chance to spend time together in a basement with great music. Who? All proceeds go towards supporting the local day centre ‘Southwark day centre for asylum seekers and migrants.” Working in conjunction with the clients and the volunteers to curate a space that will be friendly , welcoming and open to people from all backgrounds, and raising money to support those that are the most vulnerable and in need.
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