GG and Special Friends EP Release Party

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    GG, Fangirls, White Lie
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  • Hold onto your saddles people. This is set to be a night that will go down in the history books! GG is joined onstage with her full band, performing live together for THE FIRST TIME EVER. EVARGH. There will be glitter. There will be choreography. There will be costumes. There will be clarinet. There will be facepaint. And there will be dancing long, long into the night. GG is thrilled to announce FANGIRLS and WHITE LIE as support and DJ acts. || GG || GG grew up in Australia between the fringes of a national park, a circus school and the Australian folk festival circuit. GG’s music mixes high-energy guitar with themes of loneliness and distance with tongue-in-cheek playfulness and determination. In January 2017 GG toured Australia, and is now back in Berlin for bigger and better badassery! || Fangirls || Grunge Garage California Indie Pop || White Lie || White Lie hails from Sweden but started DJing in Berlin in late 2014. Her perfect blend of soul, jazz, hiphop, broken beat, disco, and house is always carefully selected by this DJ turned party promoter, humble record collector and occasional radio host. Her music is a jumble mélange; from saxophone to rap via boogie and house. White Lie is also a event curator via Golden Mint Productions, and she's playing sets for Hotel Radio Paris, Le Mellotron, Rinse France and Cashmere Radio.