The END. Sect. 2 w John Bender, Charles Manier, Richard Fearless

  • If the aim of Todd Sines and Charles Noel's HELIC.AL is to recontextualize the iconic and insular sounds of minimal wave, this party, featuring Charles Manier, John Bender and Stallone The Reducer, is compelling evidence that they're up to the task.
  • HELIC.AL presents THE END, Section Two. The seed of HELIC.AL was laid in 2015, following another soul-cleansing trip to Detroit. HELIC.AL, the new label from Todd Sines + Charles Noel / Archetyp, functions as an constrained exercise to break from restrictions. Instead of the obvious new electronic dance music label that would be expected of these seasoned producers, HELIC.AL turns history on its ear, resulting in collaborations new and old. For this installment of HELIC.AL's The End, Sines + Noel have brought together friends old and new, with 10 live acts in 2 rooms: seminal Record Sluts artist John Bender plays a DIY/modular dance set that flirts with his early work between 1976-1985. Charles Manier, one of several Nom de Plumes of Detroit/Ypsilanti artist Tadd Mullinix aka JTC, 2AMFM amongst many others, will feature blistering electromechanical rhythms, many considered to be an ode of the long-lost sounds of early DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses / Beate Bartel [CH-BB].. check out his killer albums on Nation or Bopside. Sam Consiglio, sometimes known as Stallone the Reducer, brings his modified Roland rhythm boxes and synths to create lo-fi reductionist sleaze-o-pop a la early Soft Cell. It will make you sweat all over, you'll be wanting a shower afterwards... Bushwick's answer to Prince and Vanity 6, or Chris & Cosey's Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti, or... half of Excepter, Jon Nicholson/Pork Chop/ SSPS and Erica Kenia aka Gramma perform another incredible set; last year the crowd lost their minds with their Prince cover. The dynamic duo of FBI Warning [featuring Beto Cravioto] brings their thick, warm polyphonic analog synths to simmering over popping acid house beats. 51717 aka, lili, aka לילי has collaborated with Svengalisghost as Shadowlust on LIES, Rose E Kross of Further Reductions as P.P.G. and a split EP with Silent Servant (Official) on Jealous God. lili has articulated her distinctive sound over the last 11 years, culminating in dark, chilling, sensous, cinematic rhythmic soundscapes. Nothing Changes co-founder Soren Roi needs no introduction, but with releases on Wierd Records, Handmade Birds, Ascetic.House, not to mention part of the Black Rain live show [featuring Ike Yard's Stuart Argabright], Søren's sounds will delve into new regions as he increasingly embraces... and caresses his modular rig. HELIC.AL introduces their upcoming projects: INTERVAL celebrates the release of their debut album, Transmit, featuring bassist Andries Boekelman, Todd Sines on vocals, guitar, synths & engineering, and Arch E Typ / Charles Noel on drums and percussion. We think James Dean Brown sums it up best here: "Are these current productions? Hard to believe since they capture the unique, late 70s/early 80s depro-vibes perfectly as opposed to so many other producers these days who deliver just a stereotype of what they think made the sound from back then. I am especially captured by Interval who appear to be a dubby breed of Cabaret Voltaire / Eric Random and Ike Yard. The video clip is enchanting, a masterpiece of morbid beauty, with images torn between Eros and Thanatos.” — Peter Weiss, aka Perlon’s Narcotic Syntax / Hypnobeat [Dark Entries] Artefactos De Dolor, featuring Alyssa Barrera on vocals + instruments and some certain someones on bass, drums, guitar + clarinet, will explore the dark instruments of pain .. en Español. VerticalSilence, from the mysterious seadawg behind the glyph series [could it be Archetyp?] debuts his unique gender-bending dark funk jams coming out later this fall. As a series of special treats, Richard Maguire / Richard Fearless from D+++H I+ V+++S will bring his unique vision to the decks, alongside Dark Entries Records-recording artist Bill Converse, aka a "DJ's DJ" — ranking up there with Carlos Julio Souffront, Karl P. Meier, Patrick Russell, Melvin Oliphant III: nothing is sacred and anything goes. We expect the same from our dearest friend and ele_mental co-founder, Ed Luna Sees, as we try attempt, 24 years later, to renew and reinterpret the vision and groundwork laid in our early ele_mental and Firexit events in the early 90's and 2000's. And last-but-not-least; our own version of Ton Lebbink, Egill is going to play a bunch of Mika Vainio / Pan Sonic / Autechre and Larry Heard records in no particular order. HELIC.AL Label feature on The Brvtalist Bandcamp feature by Tamara Palmer Condemned to repeat.
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  • The END. Sect. 2 w John Bender, Charles Manier, Richard Fearless - Flyer front
    The END. Sect. 2 w John Bender, Charles Manier, Richard Fearless - Flyer back