Stomp the House! Vol 9

  • HYPE is really not necessary because this is the 9th year for STOMP THE HOUSE! It's NOT JUST ANOTHER PARTY...IT”S HIGH ENERGY... ELEVATED For decades, DEE JONES has been at the forefront of hosting and planning phenomenal gigs. Filling top-notch venues with eclectic crowds who pound dance floors into submission to beats thrown down by world renowned DJ’s. The STOMP the HOUSE! party series is one of the best to ever originate in Detroit and consistently ranks among the top MOVEMENT after-parties. This year, STH!9 moves from Bookies roof to a different atmosphere. TRUTH is one of the few actual nightclubs in DOWNTOWN DETROIT, just blocks from MOVEMENT @ HART PLAZA. TRUTH Music Café 1314 Broadway …….full kitchen, great cocktails and outdoor patio in the heart of Detroit’s entertainment district. Ample parking 8-2 $15 Swag bags for a select few SOUNDS LIGHTS AND VISUALS powered by ShopMix Previous STOMPers: Lars Behrenroth, Mike Grant, Ron Trent, Stacey "Hotwaxx" Hale MasterKev, Jenny LaFemme, Kai Alce, Cloudmaster Weed, Yang Bro's, MINX Todd Weston, PwdrBlu, Christa Schrupp, Andre Murph, Marc Duncan, Sabrina Nelson Earl "Mixxin" McKinney, House Gallery: Adam Francesconi/Jay Ramsey, Lynda Carter, Sam Kimpson, Lena on the Emulator, Glenn Underground, K Civ, Keith Worthy, Nyumba Muziki, Ancient Deep, DJ POZ, Todd-Love, Gene Hunt, Alton Miller, Mustafa, Tom-T, Al Ester, Tony Dennis, DJ Kemit, Dorian the Percussionist These artists represent: Paris, Germany, South Africa, LA, NYC, Chicago, DETROIT, Brazil, Miami, Boston, ATL, St. Augustine and Orlando FL Party goers from all over the world have also embraced this party: Japan, Switzerland, Paris, Germany, Zimbabwe, Russia, Texas, Wisconsin, Belgium, Ohio, California, Florida, New York, Brazil, Miami, New Jersey, China, Australia, London, Beverly Hills and Seattle just to name a few places...even world renowned DJ's and athletes come to STOMP the HOUSE to party to authentic HOUSE MUSIC.
  • Stomp the House! Vol 9 - Flyer front