Bread with Mr. Mitch, Kozee, Prawns

  • Bread SF presents the West Coast debut of... Mr. Mitch [London] (Planet Mu (OFFICIAL), Gobstopper Records) In support of his new LP 'Devout' on Planet Mu. "As the founder of fast rising record label Gobstopper Records and co-founder of club-night, now also record label Boxed, he’s a curator and auteur at the forefront of forward thinking instrumental grime, ambient and experimental electronic music. He’s currently signed to Planet Mu as a solo artist working on the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Parallel Memories’. As a producer/co-writer he has worked with grime stalwarts Skepta, P-Money and more recently with Katy B. Mr. Mitch is steadily, but forcefully pushing the boundaries of electronic music and pop culture in a way only he does, releasing his second album on Planet Mu in April 2017. It’s about love, loyalty, family and the start and end of relationships, with an overarching theme about becoming a father, all delivered with warmth and emotion. Miles even sings and so does his eldest son Milo on one track. About the theme he says, “we all know the stereotype of the black dad with multiple children from multiple partners who is absent from the child’s life, we see it consistently in popular culture. I want to champion the alternative, which to me is just normal.” Production-wise Mr. Mitch has always been a minimalist at heart, pushing detailed sound and melody around in space, but on Devout everything is more ambitious, emotive and polished, taking his music in an epic and well defined pop direction, albeit from a sideways angle, re-imagining what an album by an underground producer can be. Devout’s cast of male and female allies, MC’s and singers each deliver songs that cast perspective around the album’s theme. Mr. Mitch sets the scene with the graceful honesty of the piano led intro, then P Money drops a heartfelt and emotional lyric about the charge of love and responsibility experienced on becoming a dad. Denai Moore’s song ‘Fate’ is open about being sceptical in allowing yourself to fall for someone at the start of a relationship, while Palmistry’s track ‘VPN’ explores his feelings after separation. The warm centre of ‘Devout’ is ‘My Life’s heart-tugging Sakamoto-like melody and bent keys, with Miles gently intoning “It’s yours” and final song ‘Oscar’ tells a newborn his brother will be an elder brother. Devout is a beautiful, grown-up pop record with its foundation in grime." Kozee [Sacramento, CA] (Moveltraxx) "Belt-driven learned Michigan Native and Californian grown DJ/Producer, Kozee, has an unmatched energy behind the decks and in front of the crowd. She has been an intrinsic part of Dubstep in the states since 2005. She compiled her first Dubstep mix in June 2006, and was touring Europe in 2008. By the end of summer 2012 Kozee played at Dimensions Festival in Croatia, making her the first female from the US to DJ the festival. Currently, with great recognition, Kozee continues to keep herself busy with djing, writing, remixing for national and international labels." Prawns [San Francisco, CA] (Bread SF) 21+
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  • Bread with Mr. Mitch, Kozee, Prawns - Flyer front