Broken Thoughts Duo - Wave Function Reconstructed - China Tour

  • Venue
    TBA - Shenzen
  • Date
    2 Jan 2016
    Sat 21:00 - Sun 23:00
  • Attending
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  • Wave Function Reconstructed | Luo Keju + Li Yuchen duo performance. Two artists from Kunming presenting an ambient/electronic performance. Luo Keju (Laptop / Synthesizer) Independent musician, producer, composer. Leader of In It and Broken Thoughts, former guitarist and vocalist of Even Less, important team member of the music group of Bai Shui. He has released 3 solo albums, also making theme music for movies. Li Yuchen (Guitar) Guitarist, audio engineer. Leader of new and promising post rock band Ocean Walker, releasing debut album “Ten Worlds” at independent label, Weary Bird Records. In China music scene, there are always things happening when you don't notice, especially in the non-mainstream music scene. Over these years, when people talk about electronic music, they always talking about all kinds of dance music, instead of avant-garde music type, as IDM. Although Broken Thoughts has won Abby Road's in 2013, the name is still fairly new to most crowds. Leader of Broken Thoughts, the young musician Luo Keju from Yunnan is more familiar to the public by his other identities - his solo post rock project In It, guitarist / vocalist of gloomy rock band Even Less, and former live guitarist from new folk band Bloody Woods. He's also frequently engaging with several musicians' projects and movie theme music. He went to U.S. to study audio technology in 2013 and worked in Hollywood composer Klaus Badelt's team after. This will be his first performance after his return to China. Li Yuchen, who's also from Yunnan, is no doubt the biggest surprise this year in China's post rock scene, with his solo project Ocean Walker. After graduation from Communication University of China majoring recording engineer, the young guitarist who has a strong passion for Jazz, was accepted by Concordia University, of Jazz performance Major. He successfully blends elements of fusion, electronic and even buddhist music into his debut album, with admirable courage and strength. Luo and Li have known each other for years before they started formally working together this year. Taken materials mainly from Broken Thoughts' latest album released on netlable Abstrakt Reflections, they prepared an 1 hour ambient set mixed with electronics, post rock and jazz elements. They've also invited VJ in_k, independent animator Shen Jie, and other top of the line visual artists of different styles to create video for each track in the setlist, which will be shown during the performance. As Broken Thoughts and Ocean Walker's debut joint-show, Wave Function Reconstructed is a grand party for both audio and visual pleasure that you can't miss.
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