Room 4 Resistance X SIREN

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    Octo Octa - LIVE (Honey Soundsystem, Running Back / New York) rRoxymore (Don't Be afraid / R4R, Berlin) Bambii (Toronto) SIREN DJs (London) Yha Yha (New World Dysorder / Berlin) Jordee (US) (Kosmetik / San Francisco) DR. SLEEP (Jacktone Records, R4R / Berlin) LMGM (La Mission, R4R / Berlin) Yuko Asanuma (R4R / Berlin ) Luz (R4R / Berlin) SOLI-ESSEN by WOMEN IN EXILE & FRIENDS OPEN DECKS from 6 till 8PM in the garden TAROT SESSIONS by Najee Rene
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  • Two of the most progressive collectives working in dance music today join forces for a 16-hour session featuring Octo Octa and rRoxymore.
  • Room 4 Resistance returns to ://about blank on Saturday May 13th, this time inviting the SIREN Collective from London for a collaborative event. R4R is a Berlin-based queer forward collective focused on community-building as well as creating space & visibility for women artists, gender queers, non-binaries, trans people, black people & people of color in Dance Music. SIREN is a London-based femme collective focused on forward-thinking movements in dance music. Both collectives run parties in their cities, host radio shows, and curate panels to explore the political dimensions of dance music and to promote artists that are underrepresented in the scene. On Saturday, May 13th 2017, the two like-minded collectives will come together at ://about blank in Berlin. The party will kick off at 6PM in the garden with some hot and tasty food prepared by 'Women in Exile and friends' as well as with an open decks event, inviting queer / femme / non binary / trans and WOC artists to play in the garden from 6 till 8pm. Tarot sessions will be provided by Najee Rene. The party will run the whole night on two floors, until 10am the next morning. The locations is wheelchair accessible.
  • Room 4 Resistance X SIREN - Flyer front