Terre Thaemlitz (AKA DJ Sprinkles) Pres. Secrecy Wave Manifesto

  • Terre Thaemlitz (AKA DJ Sprinkles) is a musician, artist and public speaker whose work stretches far beyond the conventional bounds of electronic music production and DJ performance. Please join us on Friday 21 April for a multi-media reading of his "Secrecy Wave Manifesto" in a very intimate space at the Art Gallery of Western Australia before she plays at Connections Nightclub later that evening. "Naisho Wave Manifesto" ("Secrecy Wave Manifesto") was produced for the first issue of the Japanese culture journal Farben, released in June 2014. Thaemlitz discusses the historic and strategic deployment of silence and closets. In particular, he addresses the problematic repercussions of the online digital distribution of critical cultural work, and demonstrates how the logic of hegemonic Internet platforms runs counter to the social dynamics of minor communities and subcultures. Capacity is deliberately limited and door sales are not guaranteed; Presale tickets are highly recommended! Limited club show + lecture bundles available now from the Connections event, also featuring Avalon Emerson: https://residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?956308 A discount code is available for students, please contact us for more information.
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  • Terre Thaemlitz (AKA DJ Sprinkles) Pres. Secrecy Wave Manifesto - Flyer front