Sampled Detroit 15th Anniversary - Official Movement Afterparty

  • ☛ SAMPLED DETROIT & MARBLE BAR PRESENT'S Sampled Recordings Detroit Marble Bar Movement Electronic Music Festival (OFFICIAL) AFTER PARTY SAMPLED DETROIT'S 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY From dance floor’s to digital download sites we have strived to bring you quality music for your mind... This year, with the help of a few friends, we celebrate 15 years of creating good music, social experiences, and love for the culture. It’s with great honor we have put together an exclusive b2b line-up including some legendary talent. Mark Farina, a true master of 2 different styles, will kick thing’s off with an exclusive Mushroom Jazz Set (9PM), followed later with with some deep funky house. Jesse Rose joins us for his final tour, “Thank’s For Stopping By”, celebrating his retirement in a b2b set with good friend, Junior Sanchez. Up next, two legends in their own right, Chicago’s Gene Farris b2b with Toronto’s finest, Kenny Glasgow. Hailing from the D!, Mahogani Music’s Dez Andrés, and “The Godson “,Rick Wilhite, throw down in a rare b2b appearance. This would not be a Sampled event without some of it’s most important player’s, the talented Jason Hodges, and Wally Callerio. We also have good friend’s Shaun J. Wright, and Dj Holographic in their first b2b that is going to blow your mind. Bringing back one of Detroit’s own, Punisher, as she teams up with Buffalo’s big man Rufus Gibson for a beat down not to be missed. Wrapping thing’s up, Sampled’s founder, Chuck Daniels, will battle it out with his good friend, under his new alias Burning Bridges, for a live P.A./Dj set that should surely be unique. We have been fortunate enough to team up with Movement, and our good friend’s at Marble Bar, to bring you an Outdoor/Indoor extravaganza, complete with a brand new, freshly installed, sound system in and out. We will also have a unique VIP mezzanine, complete with a Bar, Bathroom, and some special surprises. Be prepared for a brand new experience at Marble Bar, as we celebrate our deepest passion for Music, friends, and magical memories. (9PM Sharp! Exclusive Mushroom Jazz set by Mark with a free dinner during his set) (All exclusive b2b line-up) * JUST ADDED SPECIAL GUEST: ☛ TALL BLACK GUY* ☛ MARK FARINA b2b MARK FARINA * Mark Farina Opening Mushroom Jazz Set (9PM) b2b House Set ☛ KENNY GLASGOW b2b GENE FARRIS * Kenny Glasgow Gene Farris ☛ JUNIOR SANCHEZ b2b JESSE ROSE * Junior Sanchez JESSE ROSE (OFFICIAL PAGE) Jesse's "Thank's For Stopping by" Final Tour ☛ ANDRÉS b2b RICK WILHITE * DJ Dez Andres offical fanpage Rick Wilhite ☛ JASON HODGES b2b WALLY CALLERIO * Jason Hodges Wally Callerio ☛ CHUCK DANIELS b2b BURNING BRIDGES * Chuck Daniels #burningbridges ☛ SHAUN J. WRIGHT b2b DJ HOLOGRAPHIC * Shaun J. Wright DJ Holographic ☛ PUNISHER b2b RUFUS GIBSON* punisher Rufus Gibson VIP Tickets Available: Tier 1 (VIP Entrance, Bar & Bathroom) + (Free T-Shirt) Tier 2 (VIP Entrance, Bar & Bathroom) + (Free T-Shirt) + (Drink) INDOOR / OUTDOOR / VIP START TIME 9PM UNTIL THE EARLY MORN BBQ DINNER (FREE FROM 9-10:30 FOR MARK'S MUSHROOM JAZZ SET) A UNIQUE MARBLE BAR EXPERIENCE Marble Bar 1501 Holden St Detroit, MI 48208 (313) 338-3674
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