Papa Loko: Second Birth(day) with Othon, Fineschliff, Tom&jarrod

  • Papa Loko is soon becoming 2 years old! After an incredible adventure of just 8 parties with a continuous focus on sound, love, openness and experimentation, we are now entering the next stage of our collective journey symbolized by the Second Birth - the crucial transition from our ordinary reality to something extraordinary. Papa Loko has never been about commercially successful artists but a platform for those that are on their way to become the stars of the future, the artists we carefully select and believe that have an intrinsic power to move you in their own unique way. Fineschliff is one of those talents and someone who is gaining momentum both with his exquisite deep tech/electronica sound and the curation and co-promoting of the popular NachtEin.TagAus podcast and event series, based in Munich. For the ‘Second Birth’ we are honoured with Fineschliff’s first London appearance! Fineschliff will be joined by Tom & Jarrod, who, only at the last party, took us on a super-refreshing multicultural/deep/groovy/sexy journey with their London and Loko debut! Being clearly human in nature, we are eager to repeat the experience! Last but not least, the party’s founder Othon will be doing an extended 3-hour set, exactly like a year ago at The Apiary, celebrating Loko’s characteristic hybrid, ethereal and soul-shaking techno sound which has made the party so popular. Line Up: Tom[&]Jarrod (11-1.00am) Fineschliff (1-3.00am) Othon (3-6.00am) ‘Loko Familia’ Ticket Policy Continues - Please Read This Before Coming!! In our vision for a constantly evolving and utopian party experience, we have decided to give once more the possibility to those of us that cannot afford to party a chance to do it! So.. there will be an allocated number of 20 tickets in total, which will be given for free to those of you who truly can’t afford to pay the minimum £10 advance entry (or the £8 early bird). In order to make this possible and simplify things, the advance ticket price will be the same as previously (£10) until the evening of the event, but the door entry will increase from £13 to £15. So, please try to make an effort and buy your tickets from Resident Advisor if you want to buy your tickets cheaper. In case you prefer to buy your tickets on the door, you will be doing something nice by helping paying towards the tickets of those 20 boys and girls that would like to be with us but can’t afford it. Ticket Options: Advance: £10 (£8 Early Bird) Door: £15 Plus: 20 Allocated Tickets for Free Entry: Please message us on Facebook if you genuinely cannot afford a ticket. Image courtesy © Artwork design by Gabriel Toso
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  • Papa Loko: Second Birth(day) with Othon, Fineschliff, Tom&jarrod - Flyer front