Nootka Sounds Festival

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    TBA - Vancouver
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  • Date
    25 Aug 2017
    Fri 12:00 - Sun 23:00
  • Promoter
    Nootka Sounds
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    • 5
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    2DeepSoul, Alexandria Maillot, The Barkley Sounds, Elise Boulanger, em.ash, FreeWill, Garden City Disco, Hakim Guelmi, Hay Now Brown Cow, Knacker's Yard, Layten Kramer, Nick Redway, Pillager The Ryder Bachman Band, Shinobi, Sierra Jannise, Sleep Walker, Steph Cameron, Taylor Jade, Venadito, Wolf~Loup
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  • Nootka Sounds is dedicated to putting on their first annual music festival summer 2017. Folks from all walks of life are welcome and are encouraged to come witness & help create moments of sheer beauty and joy. Expect a heavy emphasis on musical and body exploration (i.e. soul searching stuff), as well as certain unbridled opportunities for self-expression. The event will be held at the Tahsis Farm. See for details. Confirmed Artists: 2DeepSoul Alexandria Maillot The Barkley Sounds Elise Boulanger Em.Ash Garden City Disco Hakim Guelmi Hay Now Brown Cow Knacker's Yard Layten Kramer Nick Redway Peach Pyramid The Ryder Bachman Band Shinobi Sleep Walker Steph Cameron Taylor Jade Venadito Wolf~Loup _______________________________ The Nootka Sounds team has been making all progress needed to carry out this event. We have shifted our philosophies regarding this event somewhat, inasmuch as we have decided to buy as much equipment as we can. This means that although the stages won't be quite the epic realizations of a hired team of professionals, we are home-brewing something that will better represent the dedication and passion of everyone involved, as well as allow us the opportunity to continually produce such events in the future. We do not intend on throwing a "one-off", but rather intend to build something worthwhile that should serve everyone in Nootka Sound for a lifetime, and beyond. We wish to build rather than blow. Our line-up has been shaping up very well. There has been much interest from local DJs and we're excited to host a wide range of folks keen to throw down in such an open & free setting. Our closest neighbours are kilometers away, so we have a special opportunity as Loud Music Artists to properly explore big sound. We have an opportunity to offer sonic massages to friends and neighbours unlike anything yet experienced out here. We have one major confirmed act from Berlin coming in who will hold down the Saturday, as well as a few other true professionals from across the country who we fully trust to stand at the controls at peak hours. Folks who will massage your body and mind, who fully understand the power at their fingertips. We also have a few live acts coming to play during the day-time, though this is one area where we still have a few openings! We really like emphasizing live, acoustic music here at Nootka Sounds as we find real-world sounds balance the body & mind when set against newer sounds. We appreciate music across the spectrum, and are working hard at finding artists who well represent all sides of the musical spectrum. The land is still being cleared. However, the fire ban might cause delays such that the original planned stage area might not come to pass. However, we might instead have this most beautiful area that we clearing set aside for camping. Stage might be thrown up a little closer to the industrial complex than we originally envisioned, but we doing our absolute best for our first year. To be sure, we are building something here worthwhile of your visit & contributions. We doing this for you, and if you wish to give back to us for our work, please just come and give back through your own artistic contributions, however you best like to express yourself. If anyone is interested in participating as an active performer, please get in touch with a member of the Nootka Sounds team by contacting us here. Thank you very much for your interest and hope to see everyone here this summer!
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