Banana Hill with Byron The Aquarius

  • Byron The Aquarius, a master of jazzy, soulful electronic music, stops by Soup Kitchen for his first-ever Manchester set.
  • Atlanta-based synth wizard Byron The Aquarius comes to Manchester for the first time! After releasing some incredible music via Theo Parrish's Sound Signature label, as well as Kyle Hall's Wild Oats, he started to venture out of the US for the first time last year with tours in Europe and Australia. The trained jazz pianist has already amassed an impressive musical history - working with artists such as Onra & Flying Lotus as a hip hop producer in the late 2000s, before being guided into world of house music by Kai Alce. You can't help feeling like the sort of nomadic journey he's taken through music has led to this point - his music pulls influence from many sources; Detroit house & techno, Atlanta electronic weirdness and jazz from the deep South. You really really do not wanna miss this!