Upitup's 14th Birthday Party

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    Akasa, ASOK, Bantam Lions, Big Effigy, Buddha, Captain Johnson, Cold Blooded Dj's, DoughnutBurger, EaMoon, Fave Muslim, Germanager, Isocore, Jacques Malchance, Ling b2b Kepla, Lo Five, M62 Dj's, Mark Forshaw, Nina Keh, Phullopium Dude, Reedale Rise, Simon Jones, UM (Dj Olkhon)
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  • Upitup Records has been releasing free music since 2003 and is considered one of the first original net-labels. Based in Liverpool, Rome and Stuttgart, it has gained a cult following around the world. Since 2007 it has established itself also as a promotions and events organisation, curating a long line of ground-breaking events (mainly in Liverpool) featuring different styles of underground electronic music, providing a platform for local producers to perform live and support many established artists. Artists that have performed at Upitup include Luke Vibert, Ceephax, Legowelt, Otto Von Shirach, Cylob, DMX Krew and many more. Upitup is now celebrating 14 years of releases and 10 years of events in Liverpool. For the occasion the team is putting together a compilation of Liverpool artists, and returning to the venue where it all started, back at legendary venue “The Magnet”, with the focus on an all Liverpool based line-up. Featuring over 20 acts across 2 rooms, the event will run from 11pm till 6am.
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