Reconstructed II with Subb-An & CEZAR [Secret Carpark Location]

  • Two house favourites, two great promoters, a Funktion One and a car park. It's a recipe for success.
  • ✪ Location Announced - 3 Denby St, Marrickville ✪ Fault lines of a fractured social identity open up new territories to be explored, transformed and renewed. Sites of possibility, of freedom, of innovation. From within such a rupture, Bare Essentials & Mantra Collective delivers Reconstructed II. The first event with Barac and East End Dubs embodied the quintessence of underground club culture. From the sound quality, to the music selection, to the off-the-grid location, and of course, the people. It was a sweaty, heaving, loved-up success. And it’s time for Round 2. UK’s Sub-ann and Romania’s Cezar will be providing two exclusive performances as a secret underground carpark is redefined as a space of music, subversion, creativity and endless potential. Enhanced by a FunktionOne sound system, sink into a sea of sonic vibrations, with support from Mantra Collective, Matt Weir & Jake Hough, Persian Rug, Marlie, CD Inc and Max Headroom. From 2pm on Saturday, April 8, be prepared for an experience that will disrupt, disorder and destroy. All with the purpose of rebuilding anew. Shake off the structures, the systems, the stifling restrictions of the everyday. Embrace chaos. Grasp mischief. Express. Expand. Grow. Let us cast you adrift in a dimension both strange and familiar. - Secret Underground Carpark - FunktionOne sound by Buzz Speaker Hire Sydney re·con·struct·ed Definition: to build anew…
  • Reconstructed II with Subb-An & CEZAR [Secret Carpark Location] - Flyer front