Trafico & Speaker Box presents Closer

  • Trafico and Speaker Box presents CLOSER The Moment when the future will be primite we will be CLOSER Trafico Music is an electronic music label from Mexico City. Trafico Music likes rooftop parties with soundsystem extension cords that snake off the side of the building into the apartments downstairs—every beat and sound count because the police can show up any second. Trafico Music is the experience of our extended family of artists, DJ’s and partygoers: it’s wild kids taking over fancy clubs and fancy people diving into wild places. We are rooted in the diverse founding cultures of Mexico and celebrate our love for an eclectic sound that mingles current trends with our own tropical electronic wave. Trafico Music’s new, original and fresh sounds are our statement on today’s electronic music landscape. Speaker Box Productions founded by Kike Roldan and Atom Yard, is bringing to Miami a new concept when it comes to Music Events. We are passionate about House Music, Boat Parties & Edgy events. SOME PEOPLE MOVE...WE DANCE! Our events take place in different venues, Boats, weird but edgy locations, Our Dj's Spin all over the city in the most renowned clubs! We love a relaxed environment so our Friends and Fans can be Themselves!!!!! THINK OUTSIDE THE CLUB 21+ Armando Records Miami
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