Fine Cuts feat. Katze

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    Katze, K.C.
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  • Fine Cuts ft. Katze The finest of the fine, only the purest slices for your ears. We are proud to present Katze as our guest behind the decks. Katze (Tag&Nächt, RU) Bizarre, strange & unusual. Katze is one of China’s most sought after djs. Playing every credible venue across the country this Russian born native has a truly unique narrative. Part of China’s Underground collective and as the musical director was responsible for bringing underground acts into China such as Agoria, Martin Eyerer, Sante, Funk D’Void, Mark Fanciulli, Secret Cinema just to name a few. She has helped to nurture the underground scene in China from the city of Guangzhou. Her reputation & credibilty as a Dj has seen her traveling through out Asia in recent years playing respected Asian institutions such as Jenja in Bali, Glow in Bangkok, Social Room in HongKong. Born in the furthest eastern regions of Russia, in 2009 Katze moved on her own to China at 20. It’s wasn't long after that she was invited to become a resident at Bound in Guangzhou. It’s here that she crafted her skills as any good resident Dj does. Learning how to warm up a room or hold the reigns at it’s most energetic & exciting moments. In 2010 she becomes the musical director at Suns, the most respected venue in Guangzhou. It’s from here that the collective with the help of the venue really started to nurture the scene in having such a platform to do it with. Part-time work as a model, Katze also has a self taught background in design & fashion. She’s very meticulous in her creative approach with a passion for designing clothes from types of plastics, metals, glass. Her designs very much inline with her outlier taste in music. It’s in seeing her works designing and her musical crafts with found sounds and ambient tones that her eccentric character starts to make sense. The unique qualities that have moulded Katze, holds your attention with her unforgiving taste from techno to house, deep to dark moods, ambient to industrial. Within natures greatest oddities we behold it’s greatest treasures. In 2016 been nominated to Top100 Djanes by
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