Bread with DJ J Heat & Kieran Loftus

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    DJ J Heat, Kieran Loftus, Bread DJs
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  • Bread SF presents... DJ J Heat [Newark, NJ] (Night Slugs, Radar Radio, on.the.sly) "Originally from Newark, J Heat is a prolific Jersey Club producer and remix artist on the cusp of entering the international stage, further elevating the sound of Jersey worldwide. His production is a forward-thinking blend of various styles in which the sounds of his native New Jersey embrace an eclectic combination of European electronic dance & experimental genres, as well as other various forms of production found worldwide. With his debut EP scheduled for release on London’s Night Slugs label, an official remix for M.E.S.H. (PAN-Berlin), collaborations with Lido, CLUBJERSEY (UK Label), the notorious East Coast club music collective Brick Bandits and more, DJ J Heat continues to establish himself as an innovator of jersey club, pushing the genre’s boundaries and pioneering its evolution in unexplored domains." Kieran Loftus [Philly, PA] (Gang Fatale, PTP fka Purple Tape Pedigree) Bread's bookings over the past 2 years have more or less been an amalgamation of Kieran Loftus collaborators -- he released "All Yaw Tracks Wack" with 2016 guest Supraman and "She Killed it But She Ugly" with 2015 guest Patrick Brian. In fact, founders Prawns and Cage A first found Botaz from a remix he did for "All Black Outfit." Kieran is now our 5th guest from Gang Fatale after Sheen, Neana, Bleaker, and Riz Fresco, and our 3rd from PTP after Celestial Trax and Endgame. It's only fitting that he joins us, two years later, making his SF debut on a one-stop tour. + Bread DJs 21+ Tickets available now, $7 until day of show:
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  • Bread with DJ J Heat & Kieran Loftus - Flyer front