Príncipe: DJ Marfox, DJ Nigga Fox, DJ Firmeza

  • Three core artists from Lisbon's wonderful Príncipe label converge on Camden Assembly. Dress to sweat.
  • Lisbon based record label, Príncipe is dedicated to releasing 100% real contemporary dance music coming out of the city, its suburbs, projects & slums. The African-influenced dance music, brewing in bedrooms in Lisbon's heavily isolated housing projects has reach far beyond its roots, thanks to Príncipe. This May, three Príncipe figureheads join us; DJ Marfox, the star of Lisbon's Afro-Portuguese dance music scene, with bedroom produced beats earning him a cult like following. Electronic experimentalist, DJ Nigga Fox, whose adoption of the 'fox' suffix is an overt nod to Marfox's influence. And finally, the technically dexterous, mainly playing his own music, DJ Firmeza joins.
  • Príncipe: DJ Marfox, DJ Nigga Fox, DJ Firmeza - Flyer front