Waha Festival 2017

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    Deep Stage Rhadoo (arpiar / Romania) Petre Inspirescu (arpiar / Romania) Pheek live (Archipel / Canada) Cezar (Understand / Romania) Vlad Caia live (Amphia / Romania) Hubble live (Sleep is Commercial / Italy) Atoll live (Sleep is Commercial / Italy) Sahau live (Zimbru / Romania) Praslea (Understand / Romania) Dan Andrei (arpiar / Romania) Sedee (Malonian / Mannheim) Cleymoore (Pluie/Noir / Portugal) Kozo (Understand / Romania) Dubtil (Amphia / Romania) Olga Korol (Body Parts / Ukraine) Francesco Assenza (Sleep is Commercial / Italy) Suciu (Contur / Romania) Getic Funk (Xandru+Funk E+Pitiku / Romania) Marsomatic 700 (Sublee+Mihai Popescu / Metereze / Romania) Jola (Jonas+Christopher Lawrenz / ALOA / Berlin) Ada Kaleh (AdaKalehRomania / Romania) Emi (Contur / Romania) Einzig (Romania) Tulbure (TCStudio / Romania) Andrei Ciubuc (Draganenii / Romania) Lumieux (Cuplet / Romania) Andrey Kharitonov (Anakronik / Romania) Andreea (Romania) Marius Iorga (Cuplet / Romania) Paul Agripa (Zimbru / Romania) Mihai Pol (Capodopere / Romania) Gols (Belgium) Miss I (Misbits / Romania) Mauss (Romania) Chill in Space (Downtempo, IDM, Experimental) Karsten Pflum (Hymen Records, Mindwaves-Music / DK) Live Banco De Gaia (Disco Gecko / UK) Live Chillin Berlin (Mindwaves-Music / DE) Pat Flanders (Mindwaves-Music, Skizze / DE) BLN (Square Sound Records, Raumklang Music Records / RO) Live The Ghost of 3.13 (Abstract Reflections, Mozyk.net / RO) Live Brokoli (Mozyk.net / BG) EEBB (Archipel / DE) Live Serge Geyzel (Mindwaves-Music / DE) Live Yvat (DETROIT UNDERGROUND / RO) Live 3D Axiom (Crazy Language, Skizze / DE ) Jus10 (Mindwaves-Music / DE) Briain (Skizze / DE) Sin-Drøne (Skizze, Psyonic) +many others Alternative Stage highlights: Voodoohop Showcase ( Thomash & Urubu Marinka, A Macaca, Kaloan, Saeko ) Oceanvs Orientalis (The Magic Movement / Istanbul) Khidja (Malka Tuti / Romania) Christian S (Comeme / Germany) Borusiade (Comeme / Germany) Tapan
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  • We invite you for the 6th edition of Waha Festival to get together and celebrate Life, creating our own groovy dimension where we can play and explore freely the simple Joy of Being. Always in Love. Like last year, there will be 6 stages with diverse music for any state you might be in. We got techno, psychedelic, deep house, jazz, ambient, idm, live bands, experimental, cumbia, psychill and many other subgenres only the djs know :) The Deep Stage has earned its reputation of bringing together an interesting choice of underground artists from around the world hosted of course by our own Romanian talent, creating a smooth trippy vibe for 5 days non stop.
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