Hard Electronic - Audio Warfare - Music Video Party

  • Industrial Strength Records, Kontaminated Recordings & Distort the 909 present: Hard Electronic - Audio Warfare. We're filming a music video for a massive collaboration between Art of Fighters, Unexist and Satronica called "Audio Warfare" coming soon to Industrial Strength Records! This party will feature hardcore, hard dance, and techno music. There is extremely limited space at this intimate venue so get tickets in advance for the ridiculously low price of $10! We will also be celebrating the new release of John Bas ft Lenny Dee - The Power of XTC on Kontaminated Recordings! Plus we have the pleasure of the man himself 'Rob Gee' performing. So dress up, come celebrate and party with us and be in the music video with Art of Fighters and Unexist and Satronica! Performer Bios: Art of Fighters (Italy) The Art of Fighters history began in Italy in the year 1997. Their career took off as one of the fastest in the scene. It was the year 2000 and they were just 18th years old when they jumped onto the biggest European stages playing their first hit tracks 'Artwork' and 'Earthquake' while wearing their trademark: the terrifying hockey mask, similar to the one seen in the movie 'Friday the 13th'. Since then, they have been unstoppable: spreading throughout the entirety of Europe, USA, Japan, South America and Australia. They have continued to produce track after track, becoming one of the leading acts of today’sHardcore scene. Creators of anthems for the biggest events as Dominator, Thunderdome and Q-Base, their sound is constantly evolving. A sound which can be described as a unique mix of harmony and technicality, with the rawness and power that you expect to be found in a proper hardcore track. https://www.facebook.com/artoffighters https://soundcloud.com/artoffighters Unexist (ITALY) The Italian maniac Unexist is been around for almost 15 years spreading his own unique view of Hardcore. Impossible to box in a sub genre, it is simply ...Hardcore seen thru Unexist's eyes. Heavy brutal and in your face injected with metal hip hop and drum & bass influences. He has played the world over, brutalizing audiences from sea to sea. His turntable skills are at the top in the hardcore universe, his beats are unwaveringly aggressive, energetic, and hard, and is ready to break your face. https://www.facebook.com/DjUnexist https://soundcloud.com/unexistdt6 Lenny Dee (BROOKLYN, USA) Lenny's first residency was at the local roller disco Roll-A-Palace in Brooklyn NY at the age of 17 and he has played all over the world at some of the biggest parties such as EDC (Vegas), Tomorrowland, MayDay, Love Parade, Woodstock,Thunderdome, the Jane's Addiction Reunion tour & the list goes on. It's no wonder he was the first Hardcore DJ to appear on the ‘DJ Mag - Top 100’ and was previously named No 1 'Hard DJ' by Mixmag & 'Best Worldwide Tecko DJ' by the Scottish Dance Music awards. Lenny Dee founded Industrial Strength in 1991 and has written and produced on labels such as Nu Groove, Warner Bros, Strictly Rhythm, R&S, Atlantic Records, Rotterdam Records, various singles on the Stay Up Forever Collective and currently has a track on PS2s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' (as "Fallout'). Come and see one of the earliest creators of Hardcore - Mr. Lenny Dee https://www.facebook.com/DjLennyDee https://soundcloud.com/industrialstrength Rob Gee (NEW JERSEY, USA) Rob GEE is famous all across The Universe as "the hardest DJ to ever play the Limelight in NYC." In the club's early 90's heyday, the versatile GEE kept delirious audiences going through spinning at Limelight's "Future Shock" dance/techno nights and performing with his live band as well as spinning at the club's "Rock And Roll Church" metal/ rock/ industrial nights. The crowds kept coming back to Limelight, just like they did at Electric Daisy Carnival, DefQon 1, & Tomorrowland just to name a few GEE's history of DJing and live performances shows his dedication of bringing the fusion of organic and electronic music to a wide variety of listeners. "The Gabber Guru," as GEE is known for his constant motivation of #PositivianVibes gained worldwide fame after the release of "Ecstasy You Got What I Need". Look out later this year, nu metal will meet hardcore in the studio ring when Rob GEE teams up with no other than Shavo Odadjian of System Of A Down. Rob GEE won't be stopped!!!!!! The sound is 100% Rob GEE, which means eclectic, unexpected and completely unique. https://www.facebook.com/TheRealRobGEE/ https://soundcloud.com/therealrobgee Satronica (BROOKLYN, USA) Satronica is a veteran hardcore producer, DJ, and MC hailing from Brooklyn NY. If you have gone to a hardcore party anywhere in the world in the last few years you have heard his tracks and signature vocal style on songs like Kill It, Life Blood Pain Death, and Fuck the System. He has played the biggest festivals in the world, including Q-Base, Dominator, E-Mission, and Coloursfest and has releases and tracks on compilations from the most recognized labels in hardcore like Industrial Strength, Thunderdome, Traxtorm, Resident E and Masters of Hardcore. https://www.facebook.com/slaytronica/ https://soundcloud.com/satroniq http://www.facebook.com/kontaminated-recordings John Bas (New York City) John Bas has been an influential part of New York underground music scene since 1994. John is considered one of Brooklyn's originators exclusively know for the harder styles, he was one of the first to really push the Hardstyle sound in America. On top of DJing and producing, Bas is also the founder of Electronic-Chaos which has thrown countless underground and renegade events dedicated to the harder styles from the in the mid to late 90's until just a few years ago. John Bas and Electronic Chaos helped create the foundation for the scene we know and love today. With over two decades dedicated to the harder styles, this veteran is renowned for rocking dance floors as if it is going out of style, John has proven himself repeatedly over the years he has even held residencies at some of New York City's top nightclubs back in the day, there is no question that John Bas is one of New York City's premier underground DJs! Most recently John Bas has been signed to Kontaminated Recordings with the release “The Power of XTC” which even features vocals by the hardcore legend himself Lenny Dee "added specifically for this release!" Expect Bas to bring it hard, fast, and on point, when he steps to the decks, so get ready to tear the walls down, the roof off and dance your mother [email protected]#king ass off. https://soundcloud.com/djjohnbas MastaChief (NYC, USA) At 5:02am on June 27th, 1992 The Voyce of New York City was born. Just as everyone else involved with any kind of art, his calling found him early on in his lifetime. With a name like Voyce the fact that he would inherit a love for spoken word could be considered cliche. Chief took to the microphone in 2006 with a fury that allowed him to share stages with numerous prolific MCs. In the summer of 2010 he was introduced to the Rave Culture by DJ/Producer Michael Phase. Michael offered the tips and tricks needed to understand what it was to perform to an Electronic Music audience and was the first artist that believed in his ability, allowing them to share numerous stages together. Chief quickly gained a passion for the Harder Styles of Electronic Music, developing an on-stage energy and aggression that could be rivaled by none. This allowed him to host numerous events and to rock the mic behind renowned artists such as Angerfist, Zany, The Prophet, Isaac, Technoboy, Evil Activities, Scott Brown, Unexist, Lenny Dee, Rob Gee, Delirium, Delta 9, Satronica, plus many more and many more will continue to come. Recognizing that the duty of an MC is to back up what the DJ is doing has kept his style beneath the "annoying" sound that many others can produce. His ability to adapt to any situation (mixing style, genre, technical difficulties, crowd energy, stage set-up etc) separates his stage presence. The biggest asset that he has is the desire to not move the crowd but rather to move WITH the crowd; reading their vibe and acting accordingly. With many screams and hands in the air under his belt and many more tricks and surprises up his sleeve, MastaChief comes with the promise that enhancing the experience of any stage will happen with ease. Featuring
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