Don't: 5th Birthday Feat. Binny, Special Guest, Jerome Hill & More

  • TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR £10 see you there :) We've reached 5 years of parties and to mark the occasion we're throwing a special birthday party and inviting some very special guests along !! As usual, expect the slamming 'Chillisound' Sound system, excellent lights and lazers by Perry, Smoke machine on duty all night long and the friendliest and most havin it Techno crowd in London !! ____________________ Our headline act is often considered the world's number 1 Techno DJ, a man who's kept it real since first bursting onto lineups over 20 years ago. His hectic schedule sees him headlining massive festivals and clubs all over the world week in week out and it is very rare to catch him playing in a venue this size. His name will not be announced but you'llll kick yourselves if you miss out on hearing him tearing it up in this intimate venue. Make no mistake. This guest knows his craft inside out and has previously given his support to the Don't label on a number of releases so we're double honoured to be hosting him here ! ___________________ BINNY has been making massive waves in the Techno scene, ramping up his output in the last years and releasing incredible records on labels such as Orbis, Symbolism, Monnom Black and the newly launched Boss Tracks. He's the third horseman of the Techno apocalypse alongside his counterparts John Heckle (Head Front Panel) and Mark Forshaw (both of whom have been previous guests at Don't). Hailing from Liverpool, Binny has a knack for producing tracks with an energy and full of nods, harking back to a time where Techno was Techno. Banging tracks that manage to be inspiring, intelligent and raucous all at once. Not one to hide away behind white noise or dull droney 'textures', Binny knows what's up and we can't wait for him to take to the decks on the 28th ! ___________________ If there's one man who's constantly flown the flag for everything Don't stands for as a label, it's Canada's TREVOR WILKES. Constantly championing and supporting the lesser known, the weirder and the more wonderful Techno and Electro music via his long running (13 years) Bleep Radio show Via, there's probably not a week gone by in those 13 years where Trevor hasn't streamed a mix or added some beneficial and eye opening content to the website. A true soldier who's tirelessly and passionately given his energy and free time to our music and we can't wait to hear what's in his bag of records on the night ! ___________________ Our final guest is another great DJ. FEELAZ has long been championing the "Bleep, Jerk and Beyond" style of Techno, running nights in his hometown of Poznan, Poland and bringing guests from far afield to entertain the clued up Techno crowd of Poznan. In his own words, he plays music that tries to both"entertain and educate the crowd, never forgetting to keep the funk and move the dancefloor!" Feelaz always delivers and will always have DJs trying to find out the names of tracks he drops from his massive and wide ranging record collection. It's an absolute pleasure to welcome him to Don't as he's already part of the family and has been a massive support to the label and many of it's artists. More recently he's now running the 'Vinyl Gate' record store in Poznan so make sure to look it up if you're in the area ! __________________ And lastly, your resident, JEROME HILL who's writing all this and consequently can't big him self up for fear of looking like an arse. But his soundcloud is here:
  • Don't: 5th Birthday Feat. Binny, Special Guest, Jerome Hill & More - Flyer front