LOLA presents Soul Clap

  • ++ 5AM EXTENDED LICENCE ++ Who is LOLA you ask? She is Face. She is Bass. She is fierce. This polysexual disco and house entity has invited us to Her first birthday on Friday 10th of March. LOLA is pleased to announce SoulClap, to head the night in promotion of their latest album. What better way to commemorate a year of our glamorous party host, than partying with a duo who embody Her liberating ideologies! “Back in the day there was no one sound that dominated musically. It was all about diversity and eclecticism. This was the ethos then and it is a very large philosophy behind us as SOUL CLAP now. In fact, it is diversity in sound that initially brought us together and it is the yin-yang nature of SOUL CLAP today… Pushing us forward, into the FUTURE!” LOLA has steered us through countless nights of uninhibited groove at Laruche and prioritises our freedom to express any gender or sexual identity, whatever form it takes. She encourages everyone to explore aspects of these identities that broader society tend to disagree with. LOLA no longer seeks to transform Laruche simply one night a month, She seeks to transform perceptions... SHE WANTS YOU TO DO YOU. The dance-floor was birthed as a revolutionary safe haven of tolerance and diversity; this environment lives on through LOLA. Her only question is, are you ready to lose yourself to the disco pulse? Dress up, dress down, the lights are on you... There are no labels or boundaries. SOUL CLAP will transport you to an "eclectic universe, where creativity and mystery are the guides"... All you have to do is DANCE! Let’s make a date on the dancefloor! Free Entry ++ Dancing Mandatory ++ 5AM LICENCE ++
  • LOLA presents Soul Clap - Flyer front