Fuinneamh Festival 2017

  • Fuinneamh, m. (gs. -nnimh). Energy;force, spirit. For two nights under the cosmos we invite you to join us as we celebrate Fuinneamh. Somewhere between the realms of Celtic Mythology and Enchanted Futurism brought to life we have stumbled upon a world where creativity thrives and energy moves to the beat of an underground counter-culture. Some of Ireland’s most talented Musicians, DJs, Producers, Artists and Performers collaborate to bring you a Festival of psychologically enthralling wonder and beauty. Become a part of this story with us. Grá, Rithim agus Athrú - Love, Rhythm and Change
  • Fuinneamh Festival 2017 - Flyer front
    Fuinneamh Festival 2017 - Flyer back