Apple Pips Label Showcase

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    Will Saul (Simple // Apple Pips // Buzzin Fly), Appleblim - 2 hour set (Apple Pips // Skull Disco), Brackles (Apple Pips // Berkane Sol), Greena [LIVE] (Apple Pips).
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  • APPLE PIPS LABEL SHOWCASE. Appleblim presents a selection of the stars and starters from his Apple Pips imprint to kick off your bank holiday weekend. Friday May 1st @ Native, Small Street, Bristol. Will Saul (Simple // Apple Pips // Buzzin Fly) Appleblim - 2 hour set (Apple Pips // Skull Disco) Brackles (Apple Pips // Berkane Sol) Greena [LIVE] (Apple Pips) house.techno.funky.dubstep.garage £6 in advance from Rooted, & Bristol Ticket Shop Native - 15 Small St, Bristol BS1 1DE We'll be wheeling in plenty of extra bass pressure for this one because as old Daddy Pinch would say "if your chest ain't rattlin' it ain't happenin" ----- WILL SAUL's label SIMPLE has been pushing the various inflections of his vision of underground house and techno since 2003. Simple has seen tracks from the likes of Chateau Flight and i:Cube, while Will has recently collaborated with label-mate Mike Monday for a release on Ben Watt’s super-sexy BUZZIN’ FLY label. Having teamed up with Appleblim for several remix exchanges between Pips and his Aus Music sub-label, Will makes the trip up from the big city to show us why the musical mandates of Apple Pips and Simple go hand-in-hand. If you don’t know by now, APPLEBLIM is Apple Pips Recordings’ head-honcho, bass-head and head-case. Having been the face of forward thinking dubstep alongside long-time friend and cross-over artist extraordinaire Shackleton for their SKULL DISCO imprint, Blim now runs A&R for Apple Pips. Not content with being responsible for everything on the bill, he’ll be offering up a 2-hour set to make sure we know and understand everything that Pips means to him. Expect everything from charging dubstep to pulsing house and all the banging bits between. BRACKLES & GREENA are two of Pips’ newest and freshest signings. Brackles’ release on Geiom’s BERKANE SOL and forthcoming Pips005 have been blaring out over soundsystems for some time now. So much so that Ministry’s DATA RECORDS commissioned him for a remix of the omnipotent ‘Day ‘N’ Night’. Greena on the other hand is fresh out of the box having been snatched exclusively by Blim before anyone else could get their grubby paws on him. Expect a live laptop set transitioning effortlessly between steppy dubstep, twisted garage and four-to-the-floor UK funky. As if all this wasn’t enough there’ll be a screening of the brand new film for Apple Pips current release 'Humber' by Ramadanman AND limited edition Apple Pips apples for the first few through the door. Now that’s fruity. ----- Apple Pips Bristol/UK
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