Heads with Tales Pres. DJ Stingray 313

  • Stellar Melbourne crew Heads With Tales make a rare trip up the coast to host one of Detroit's most enduring electronic figures in a Sydney warehouse.
  • Heads With Tales is proud to invite you to a warehouse party with the celebrated Detroit legend - DJ Stingray 313. Sherard Ingram aka DJ Stingray - has a long history in Detroit's electronic music scene for over 25years. His consistent drive to weave a distinctive techno masterpiece is the thread that has captured the attention of alternative audiences worldwide. Never shy of a collaboration, Ingram spent much of the '90s teaming up with Carl Craig, Anthony 'Shake' Shakir and Kenny Dixon Jr. to create a rich downtempo sound as Urban Tribe. He was then recruited to be the tour DJ for Drexciya in their final days, taking to the decks as DJ Stingray and masking his face from the audience. In recent years, his production work—as DJ Stingray, Mystic Tribe A.I., and Urban Tribe—has focused much more on his solo talents, and is now grounded in the futuristic electro style that is associated with his DJ sets. + phile Cop Envy TGMN & Aidan Psaltis www.headswithtales.com
  • Heads with Tales Pres. DJ Stingray 313 - Flyer front