I've Seen the Future 13 // Dedekind Cut

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    Dedekind Cut with DJs Mosca Muerta Metta World Peace
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  • i've seen the future 13 3rd anniversary 00H - 7euros preventes/10euros sur place (7euros sur place avec billet de la cinémathèque) i've seen the future carte blanche à la Cinémathèque française. we celebrating 3 years of this very precious party. 3 years of believing in the music and believing in the night (even if they try to shut us down) thanks to all u kidz that have been dancing ever since. u make it super super special. festitivities START at 19h30 in la Cinémathèque with a very special trippy program that will then lead us to a lil walk across la Seine for Dedekind Cut's live show at Petit Bain and a night of heavy dancing.
  • I've Seen the Future 13 // Dedekind Cut - Flyer front