A Made Up Sound Plus Earth Boys (Live) and X-Coast

  • A Made Up Sound Ask any close follower of contemporary electronic music about its most consistently innovative artists and it's likely the name of Dutchman Dave Huismans will pop up. For the best part of a decade he's managed to keep pulling off that rare and elusive thing: breaking new ground with nearly every new release, while maintaining a sound signature unmistakeably his own. With one foot in the techno and house he grew up with as an aspiring DJ in the 90's and the other boldly stepping into the unknown, he displays an off-kilter, often wildly idiosyncratic approach to rhythm and composition that has made his work a constant breath of fresh air within the wider techno community. Earth Boys Earth-based producers Julian Duron and Michael Sherburn make timeless grooves. Earth Boys construct each track in a deep haze—vintage house, smooth jazz and breakbeats—compiling moody vocals and analog gear to create their signature, tongue-in-cheek sound. Duron and Sherburn frequently collaborate on other projects—DUST, Christian Surfer, and Todd—and “Welcome 2 Earth” has collaborations from John Barclay (DUST) and Lemon D (Planet Earth, Metalheadz, Kickin Records). Also known for their eclectic DJ sets and regular parties at Bossa Nova Civic Club, Earth Boys blaze the streets of NYC with a serious mission, to get the whole universe high as hell. X-Coast Somewhere in the deep blue Caribbean Sea, between your imagination and what's real, lies an island - X-Coast. The island was discovered by Frank Sanders, who was the sole survivor to a major shipwreck somewhere in the Caribbean in 1994. Frank was the first one to get in touch with the X-Coast natives and their culture.
  • A Made Up Sound Plus Earth Boys (Live) and X-Coast - Flyer front