Planet Giegling at the Bunker New York

  • The Bunker New York is proud to host the Giegling collective on the first weekend of their worldwide Planet Giegling tour. This event page is for the party at Good Room on Saturday February 4, but we encourage everyone to buy the two night ticket that allows you to enter both this party and the concert at Knockdown Center on Friday. On Saturday night in both the Good Room and Bad Room, there will be DJ sets from Konstantin and DJ Dustin, and live sets from ATEQ, Edward, Kettenkarussell, Leafar Legov, and Vril. the Giegling Collective have some tricks up their sleeve to transform the venue for the night as well.
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      $20 advance for concert only ($30 advance for Friday concert + Saturday party at Good Room), $30 at door
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