Cocoon Ibiza Date 9

  • COCOON IBIZA – 24th JULY 2017 Absolutely classic Cocoon nights are coming thick and fast now. There was Sven and Richie and then last week it was Ricardo and Nina both delivering startling sets that buffeted you around the dancefloors in a quite nutty atmosphere. Four other robust beauties were also part of a night that was not just about dancing – this was for people who love music. Dorian Paic and Digby, such sophisicated sets on the terrace. Carl Craig and tINI in the main room. They smothered it. Of course we are biased but from the very first moment last Monday night it was once again clear what is possible with a few choice artists and a couple of dancefloors. Heaven is a word that springs to mind. Nowhere else you would want to be. To follow that trip through the pearly gates we run this week with 4 acts and what seem to be 2 new annual must be theres: On the terrace : SVEN VÄTH A week off for Sven which always means trouble even if he is opening tonight because a mate joins him on the terrace. Yes it has become an annual tradition this, Sven and Solomun stepping into each others nights for a jolly and somehow it is a collision that works like a dream. And remember you get another chance to meet the guv’nor almost when the doors open as he sets up this Monday night for you. SOLOMUN Now one of the biggest and most colourful figures on the island shows no sign of slowing up. Joining us once again, the third year now, we know from past experience Solomun will be raising your eyebrows as well as your knees on the terrace. Expect a seamless set that hides its surprises for a bit and then pounces. Freedom to roam. Can’t wait In the main room : ADAM BEYER B2B IDA ENGBERG Coincidentally here is another one off occasion that now enters its third year of one offness ! If that makes sense. When Adam is joined by Ida in the main room there is a subtly different feel and approach. What an astounding show they produced last year. Anyone who walked into that set, as we did, was not going anywhere for the rest of the night. It was majestic music and it was utterly entrancing. Techno that smoked. SCUBA We have less Scuba this season sadly so critical to dive down early – especially if you were around last season. Blistering sets they were from a charming man who knows how to fill every corner of the Club. The last ingredient in another night of utter quality and variety designed so carefully for Cocoon 18 We are 18 and we really like it. Hope you do to. COCOON
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