2 Years Ulysses

  • Venue
    Dora Brilliant
    • Gutleutstrasse 294, 60327 Frankfurt
  • Date
    Fri, 27 Jan 2017
    23:00 - 11:00
  • Promoters
    UlyssesDora Brilliantmaison noireMidas Touch
  • Attending
    • 14
  • 2 Years Ulysses Music, Exhibitions & Screenings. DELTA FUNKTIONEN Niels Luinenburg has been releasing music as Delta Funktionen since 2008. For several years before that, though, he worked in an underground vinyl store in the northern part of his native Holland. It was here that he tuned into, and began to be influenced by, rare early Detroit techno and Chicago house pressings before finally getting infected to the point of needing to contribute to the electronic music community in his own right. Content to go about his business quietly, the Dutchman now spins a genre-defiant blend of Detroit techno, Chicago-licked house, crafty old school electro and sparkling Italo disco at clubs like fabric, Trouw, The Bunker and Berghain/Panorama Bar… “My DJing is all about serious fun” says the man who gained notoriety recently thanks to a powerful warm-up set ahead of techno hero Jeff Mills. Though that night saw him adapt ably to the situation, normal headline gigs for Delta Funktionen are about showcasing a wide variety of electronic sounds, with each one designed for maximum dance floor demolition. BOOKWORMS American Nik Dawson aka Bookworms has made a name of himself with his loose, trippy yet very direct hitting sound, releasing on L.I.E.S., Confused House (with Steve Summers) and recently Nord. His 2016 album “Xenophobe” on Bank Records showcases him beautifully; going from a deep, warm, funky sound into no-nonsense techno territory, ending up in haunting ambient. Dawson’s material is often based on experimental hardware live sets where he is using analog gear, keeping it fresh, unexpected and intriguing. DAS DING (Co-Hosted by MMODEMM) Das Ding is Rotterdam’s most hidden gem. Starting off with his cassette label ‘Tear Apart Tapes’ in the 80’s, he’s been playing, designing and producing since. A few years ago great attention came to his early work trough the famed imprint Minimal Wave. His live-set is and has been expanding, shrinking and evolving over time. An example of this ongoing journey is the ‘Sequencer’ tape on Dehef from August 2014, containing some fine modular based techno tracks. This largely came about through his involvement with the Noodlebar collective, an affiliation of DIY modular aficionados who organize a monthly night with modular performances, for which he provides a non-laptop VJ-backdrop projection. This effectively means there are 2 sets, one strictly song-based, another consisting of improvised modular jams. As a key figure of the true Dutch underground and being one of the most exciting live sets Das Ding is an unmissable act for any dancer or dedicated electronica freak. Be quick and have a share of this realness. Additional soundsystem provided by Dewitt®
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