PT Connection Pres. Stryker aka XSI

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    Stryker (United Beat Records / FR) Squee (PT Connection / PT) Altered State (Yellow Sunshine Explosion/ Digital Nature Records / IRL)
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  • About Stryker: Bart is one of the most known talents of the french Psytrance scene since over a decade, as one head of the hits maker project XSI. Stryker is a solid mix of Psychedelic Trance, Full-on, Electro with a twist of Tech. In between touring all around the world and producing music during 14 years, Bart’s tastes and personality evolved, and the feeling that it was time to make his own project was an evidence. Many emotions bundled together in Stryker: no limitations by codes with a main motivation: make you smile and dance… His music has been topping the charts several times, and he is working on his album. Bart has many faces and he is also a well recognized Mastering Engineer, which is collaborating with the most influent artists and label on the psytrance scene : Avalon, Space Tribe, Mad Maxx, Talamasca, Sonic Species, Deedrah, Shanti, Dickster, Outsiders, Tip Records, Digital Om Production, Dacru Records, Nano Records, United Beats Records, and many more…. Full info, tickets & more details tbc soon!
  • PT Connection Pres. Stryker aka XSI - Flyer front