Pspiralife 'Wabi Sabi' Album Launch

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  • Pspiralife - a master of his craft and one of Australia’s leading Psy-Trance Producers. “Wabi Sabi” captures precisely what the opening dialogue within the opening track suggests. The Encompassing of both dark & light in what I describe as a genius crossover of styles & sound design. This collection of tracks, played during the daytime or night, will completely destroy a dance floor. Brilliantly crafted with extremely intelligent musicality & highly detailed composition makes this album quite simply, world-class. Every track is supported by an ankle breaking rhythm section that I’ve no doubt will serve as a catalyst for a lot of good times shared on a dance-floor. ;) Pspiralife’s over-all sound is truly a beast of it’s own & with no limited shelf life. Extremely unique in every sense of the word, everything innovative, and often defying the laws of genre. Every track on “Wabi Sabi” holds it’s own space, & to pick through & say that one track in particular is my favorite is a difficult task. This is a sure sign of a great album. Each listen exposes new elements that previously may have gone unnoticed as it’s continuously evolving, keeping the ears & mind of the listener consistently stimulated, on the move & always leaving a feeling of complete satisfaction. An 8 track journey that delivers a well balanced blend of various tempo’s, hybrid-like composition & flawless production. Tracks entitled “Big Fat Lyre” (Featuring Hellquist) & “The Universe is Sound” (Featuring Ryanosaurus) provide that extra special element that only comes from a symbiotic creative relationship. To say that these artists work well together is an understatement! Harbouring all the elements of a 5 star release. “Wabi Sabi“ stays with you long after the first listen, is a landmark release and I have no doubt that it will be in high rotation, and will stir up serious ruckus on festival dance floors all over the globe. A serious game changer that will indeed stand the test of time.
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