Loveland Starts Fire

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    Kerkzaal live: Sebastien Leger Marnix (nl) Derrick May (Transmat, us) Rec/Intec Rec, f) Tuinzaal live: Eric Nouhan (nl) Dimitri (Roxy/HTSM, nl) DJ Mustafa (us)
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  • FIRE! is the new monthly phenomenon Kerkzaal Marnix (nl) vs. Sebastien Leger (f) live: Sébastien Léger (Blackjack Rec/Intec Rec, f) Style: funky electro, house French-born and Amsterdam-based house-producer Sébastien Léger is imposing himself, slowly but surely, on the present electronic scene. Far beyond the generally accepted ideas on French touch take-over or the new master of the filtered house, his evident funk style impresses in a tech-house manner, of which he's the great French outsider. In 1999, under the name Deaf 'n 'Dumb Crew, he published his first EPs. In his intense, funky DJ sets, his underground style can pass effortlessly from DJ Sneak to the minimalist sound of Marco Carola. Marnix (nl) Style: funky house and tech-house Founder of Loveland, DJ and organiser and living proof of what a DJ’s profession is all about. More than twenty years of serious playing, and still on top. Derrick May (Transmat, us) Style: groovy techno Referred to as 'The Miles Davis of Techno’, Derrick May is one of the founders of Detroit techno. Derrick took the Euro-electropop crystals of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and New Order beyond its own horizon, infusing it with house, experimental synthesizer work and just plain soul. Songs like Nude Photo and Strings Of Life run deeper than genre moulds can grasp. His renowned label Transmat now is one of his main concerns. Also involved in D3: Dutch DJ Day program Tuinzaal live: Eric Nouhan (nl) Style: groovy house Collaborated lots of times with partner in crime Dimitri. Together they are about to release their newest CD The Best of Eric Nouhan and Dimitri (1990-1995) on the Loveland Recordings label, a collection of classic tunes. Besides that, two classics of both DJs will see the light of day: Alice D in Wonderland (with Orlando Voorn remix) and Cuba (with vocal remixes from Eric Nouhan feat. Lady Lago). DJ Dimitri (Roxy/HTSM, nl) Style: uplifting house One of the godfathers of the Dutch house scene and still going strong. He has steadily made a name for himself on an international level, his specific DJ-ing style being best described as bringing spirituality through technology. Dimitri's slamming beats and the strong melodies he plays always make the difference and with every DJ-set he proves his legendary status. DJ Mustafa (us) Style: funky, clubby house ! CD release of The Best of Eric Nouhan and Dimitri (1990-1995)