Unter: Yan Cook, Stranger

  • Venue
    TBA - New York
    • To Be Announced, New York
  • Date
    Fri, 27 Jan 2017
    23:59 - 09:00
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    • 253
  • Предупреждение: this rave contains isobutyl nitrite. Breathe in, fuck Unter... ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: YAN COOK: Journeying further and further East in our bookings, Yan Cook is the closest Unter has come to Mother Russia thus far! Yan has released his heavy, warehouse-minded, dance-centric work (werq!) on such iconic international imprints as Planet Rhythm, Delsin Records, and Dynamic Reflection—no small feat for a Ukrainian-based artist. We’re eager to drag this triple-black-diamond Slav-squatter halfway across the world for his North American debut. https://soundcloud.com/yan_cook STRANGER: Another North American debutant, we can count on Rotterdam's Stranger to deliver 100% pure rave. Stranger couldn't get into Berghain until he got booked at Berghain, and comes to us directly from his set at Berghain. In case this isn't your first rodeo, his productions have been on heavy rotation with Unter's resident Volvox for over a year now ("Highest Sense," anyone?), and we can't wait to finally have him in our humble home. https://soundcloud.com/whoisstranger JAQI SPARRO: Originally from San Francisco and currently based in Brooklyn, Jaqi Sparro's talents spread far and wide, having played in warehouses in Oakland, on the Nile in Egypt, and with collectives including Discwoman and Browntourage. Sparro's sound ranges from greyscale to tightly wound techno, house, and broken beats, crafted into intimate sets that navigate points of tension and release as textures build into the perfect vibe. https://soundcloud.com/jaqisparro VOLVOX: As always, the one and only Volvox, our much-beloved resident-in-chief, will grace us with one of her now-classic Unter beatdowns. Bring lube. OTHER INGREDIENTS: NURSERY: RESET—for when the head rush gets too strong, head over to the Ambient Nursery and re-attune to the healing tones and restorative frequencies of this month's Babysitter's Club: > The Long Count Cycle: The Long Count Cycle is here to give shape to the void when needed. It's been said that the internal knows no bounds. With this in mind, we seek total immersion... https://soundcloud.com/thelongcountcycle > Adrianna (Open Tabs): when she’s not behind the bar, she's in your ears, behind your dreams… https://soundcloud.com/open-tabs > Nursery residents Kiddo Sincere and Nick Bazzano Also, in the interest of keeping moods at their purest and breaths at their deepest, please no analog ciggies in the Nursery, as smoking tobacco is injurious to the health of the babies sleeping around you. As for actual sleeping: napping is fine, but please try to avoid multiple REM cycles, to be sure to free up bed-space for your baby friends. SMART BAR: RECHARGE—for when you need a little pick-me-up, we’re excited to offer only the freshest snacks, teas, juices, fruits, energy drinks, and other odds-and-ends at our first Unter SmartBar, located outside the entrance to the Nursery. Of course, our main bar will also be open, and coat check will still be provided. HOUSE RULES: RESPECT—for when you come to our party, you must respect our space and our community. Treat your fellow Unter-ers with kindness and respect: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, or any hateful words, malicious actions, or dangerous situations will not be tolerated whatsoever. Any offending parties will be kindly escorted from the premises. Additionally, please treat our space with the respect and privacy with which you'd treat your own home: no photos, no exploring clearly closed-off areas, no taking candy from strangers, no littering or restroom mess-making (either in or out of actual restrooms)…you know the drill. Let's be sure to watch out for ourselves and for each other in order to ensure everyone’s safety, security, and fun. Future Warnings: March 3: The British Invasion March 31: Der Clerb kommt
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