Desert Hearts Festival 2017

  • 21+ ONLY Hello Desert Hearts Family! Wow it's good to be back! I think we can all agree that 2016 was one of the craziest years ever, but it's during this adversity that our Love Movement really shines brightest. The world needs love more than anything else right now and it's been our intention since day one to create as much love and positive energy as possible. We hope you'll join us once again at Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, CA on March 31st - April 3rd for our finest Desert Hearts Festival yet. We've been charging up and we're ready to blow your minds. There's a reason the mantra of our movement is "House, Techno, & Love... We Are All Desert Hearts." Every single person who attends Desert Hearts is part of our family. A collective consciousness that we tap into together to create the ultimate vibe. Whether you're contributing a theme camp, workshop, your art, or even just a smile, the more you put in the more you get out. When we all go into Desert Hearts with the exact same intention of creating the most amount of love and positive energy possible, we're able to create a tangible vibe that sets the groundwork for the entire weekend. Vibe is king at Desert Hearts, so bring your A-Game, because we’re all bringing ours. House, Techno, & Love… We Are All Desert Hearts. ♥ Love Always, Your Desert Hearts Crew ~ ♥ Admission ♥ ~ Gates open for General Admission, Friday at 10am. Thursday early arrival passes allow admission Thursday at Noon. Music starts at Noon on Friday and bumps nonstop until Monday at 4pm. Tickets include entrance, camping, and access to all open kitchens, theme camps, & art installations. For fastest entry, please print and bring your ticket that will be emailed to you upon purchase. If you can't find the email please check your spam or promotions folder. * In order to encourage carpooling, an Environmental Impact Fee of $20 will be charged per vehicle. This is intended to greatly help us reduce the amount of traffic entering and exiting the festival grounds. * ♥ Car Camping, RV Passes, & Early Entry Passes ♥ If you are planning to camp in the campgrounds with your vehicle, you will need a Car Camping Pass. If you are arriving in a RV or bus, you will need a RV pass or else you will not be allowed entry. If you don't need to camp directly next to your car, there is a huge parking lot about a 2-5 minute walk to the campgrounds where you'll be able to park and leave your car. It is literally the shortest festival walk you'll ever do so don't even trip when Car Camping Passes sell out. Early Entry Passes allow entrance to the festival grounds on Thursday before music starts on Friday. If you would like to enter on Thursday you will still need a regular general admission pass as well. *Note: All cars & RVs will have to pay the standard $20 Environmental Impact Fee upon arrival, even if you bought a Car or RV Camping Pass. ~ ♥ Rules and Regulations ♥ ~ We are an open community where you can experience freedom in many ways however we have a few rules you must follow when attending Desert Hearts: ~ ABSOLUTELY NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES OR ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR OF ANY KIND. Including NOS tanks, balloons or any kind of drug use. Desert Hearts has a strict Zero Tolerance policy. You will be asked to leave if you violate this. ~ 21 & Up Event; ID's will be checked at the gate. ~ No re-entry if you leave the festival. Bring enough water and ice to last you throughout the weekend--they will not be sold or provided on grounds. ~ No dogs (service dogs excluded, but must be identified and leashed). ~ No renegade sound systems--basically anything larger than a small speaker. One stage, one vibe has always been our policy. ~ No littering, especially be mindful of bottles and cigarette butts. Do your part to help clean up trash when you see it. ~ Pack it in and pack it out please!!! When you leave trash at the campgrounds it puts a lot of strain on our volunteer team. ~ ♥ Leave No Trace ♥ ~ This is a leave no trace event. Pack it in, pack it out. Please do not leave your trash bags with us. PLEASE do not leave any bottles or trash by the dance floor/speakers. If you see trash or bottles out on the ground or left out, please help clean it up and keep our land beautiful. There will be recycling containers by the stage. It's a good idea to bring two trash bags, one for trash and one for recycling. Please pocket your cigarette butts and pick up any butts if you see them on the ground. No glow sticks or glow sand please! Also, please no feather boas or anything that will create MOOP.
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