• Venue
    TBA - New York
    • To Be Announced, New York
  • Date
    7 Dec 2016
    Wed 22:00 - Sun 04:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 15
  • On a distant planet, in an unfamiliar realm, there stirred a motley hoard with the most devious of intentions. With laser lights and sonic waves they aim to massage your mind, unplug you from your grid and unleash you into this new architecture, their world. Beyond the neon signs and the handheld screens, beyond the gray space beguiling us daily to stand as still as possible, there walk the makers, the signal shifters, the doctors, the engineers. They lead us in a spiral dance. CHASM brings together some of Brooklyn's finest performing and visual artists in a new intimate space. Each evening features visual artists working with new media, light art and installation alongside movement-based performers, live musicians and DJs. Breaking from traditional line ups and set in an independent space, this new series gives a window into the world of the trailblazing solo artists who are building entirely new languages of expression in the world's creative capitol. Curated by Julia Sinelnikova aka THE ORACLE. FLIER DESIGN BY JHVH. WEDS 12.7.16 Doors 9PM, Music 10PM-2AM LIVE: Ahsh Eff Prince Harvey JHVH DJ: Tygapaw GOODDROID VISUALS: Mary S. Paul Leopold PERFORMANCE: Margaret Velvet + Laura Duval ///////////// THURS 12.8.16 Doors 9PM, Music 10PM-2AM LIVE: Logan Takahashi Unsay Searmanas Michael Behari VISUALS: Wiktor Podgorski PERFORMANCE: Shaltmira ///////////// FRI 12.9.16 Doors 7PM, Music 10PM-4AM LIVE: Geng Rezzie DJ: Celestial Trax Night Doll VISUALS: Alfredo Salazar-Caro Max Clarke Lulu Cipher PERFORMANCE: Richard Kennedy ///////////// SAT 12.10.16 Doors 7PM, Music 10PM-4AM LIVE: Malory Pləbeian DJ: Lauren Flax The Long Count VISUALS: JJ Brine VIDEOPUNKS PERFORMANCE: The Oracle ///////////// $10 Advanced, $15 door, $25 week pass.
  • Chasm - Flyer front