Anonymous Party People: Disko Jungle NYE

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    Dark Fury Smooth Talkin Hurricane Smith ENKA
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  • The year has reached its completion, you gaze up to the sky and realise this is the last full moon you will see in the year that brought so many surprises, highs and lows. The sweat drips down your forehead as you make your way through the thick hot night, your dry mouth desperate for a fresh oasis to quench your thirst. Wild animals stare at you fanatically from every corner, from behind every fern or banana tree. Bright eyes devour the barley covered flesh, glowing with the ecstasy of desire, just a bite away. From a distance, the drumming rhythms guide you down a forgotten time where past and present, imagination and reality, are nothing more than two facets of the same coin. You have now reached the DISKO Jungle. Will you flip? If it's your first time, read below. /// EXPECT /// * A platform to showcase your inner artistic talents. * An extra late night session at VLLA. Open until LATE! * A massive celebration. * Chill out space. * Jungle vibes, massive tunes, sexy people. * An opportunity to release your inner animal. * Epic New Years Eve celebrations. /// DRESSCODE /// Junglistic, Animalistic, Loin Cloth, Freaky. /// MUSIC /// Disco, House, Techno - Guaranteed to get the pants moving. THE ANONYMOUS PARTY PEOPLE & VLLA |
  • Anonymous Party People: Disko Jungle NYE - Flyer front